Hi y’aaaalll…

Happy Spring!!! 🌸 Where I live, it decided to be a little chilly and rainy on the first day of spring. Hmph! πŸ™„

Having said that, we’ve had some really good days in the 70’s! More of that to come, so yay. Warm weather makes me happier!

I thought I was going to wear all pastels for the spring kickoff, but I opted for a white ensemble with little red accents instead. Channeling a blossom, perhaps? Blossoms are my spring favorite, so it works!

Why is my twin taller than me?

I wore a thin lace scarf with it and I really like it. ❀️

Well, happy freaking spring to you all!! Are you happy about the season change? Sad because you have allergies? Indifferent? Missing another season? Personally I’m quite thrilled because spring is my favorite season! Min favorit Γ₯rstid, to even say it in Swedish.

My door knows best: Live life in full bloom. 🌸

I walked through farmer’s market Tuesday night – the first to launch the season! I got myself some Teazer’s Tiger Spiced Chai (sat there for awhile on my laptop, read and then people watched), then hung out with my friend at her booth at the market. I ended up with a vegan waffle by the time I left (I’m a pescetarian, but I’m getting into vegan foods…)

What about you guys? Are there certain things you find yourself doing when spring arrives? I’m outside much more and I like going for walks, and also go to the local farmer’s market. πŸ’

See you next time!!

5 thoughts on “Blossom

  1. I’m glad it’s spring too! Great outfit. Your heart print dress is so cute; it’s kind of springy and kind of Valentiney, just right for this time of year. But “Why is my twin taller than me?” is my favorite part of this post, LOL πŸ™‚

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