Ladybugs and a Miracle

Hi there!! I have something amazing to share today, but first let’s talk about my ladybug theme going on from this weekend! 🐞

I was perusing World Market a few nights ago and came across this lone journal sitting off by itself on a shelf. Ladybugs are a favorite of mine, so I couldn’t leave without it! I love journaling, so it won’t collect dust either.

Guys, you have no idea how happy this made me that my hair clips matched my journal…lol.

Now to share a story that is still hard for me to believe actually happened. It’s too mind-blowing not to blog about it! This happened just a few days ago…

So, I go to Starbucks a LOT. It’s like my home away from home and I’ve met so many people over the years from going to Starbucks! πŸ˜ƒ Maybe less than a year ago, a man told me in passing, as I was drinking my coffee, “Hey! Just wanted to say I love your look, it’s so cool and unique.” I said thank you, with a smile.

A few months later, I run into him again and we exchanged hello’s and small talked. We discussed art for a bit, and added each other on social media.

We’ve been social media friends for a few months and we both noticed we share the same interest in music, too. I ran into him again at Starbucks on Saturday, and we chatted much longer than ever before.

I don’t know what it was you guys, but in the middle of talking to him, something clicked in my mind. I had this strange feeling that was telling me, There’s something familiar about this man…

I tossed the thought aside and kept the conversation going for the time being. We exchanged a hug before he left and I continued on with my day.

That evening, I returned home. I suddenly remembered how I felt talking to him earlier – what was that feeling I had? Why was there something about his facial features that seemed so…familiar?

Right then, something told me to go look at my mom’s tiny, old photo album she keeps on a shelf. Something in that photo album was calling to me in that moment, and it was reminding me of this man. I flipped it open and went directly to a specific photograph. It’s the only photo I have of my dad (long story short, I never knew him or anyone on his side of the family). The picture is of my dad, his brother and sister, taken in 1989.

My eyes zeroed in on his brother in the photo. That was it – he looked very similar to the man I’d been chatting with at Starbucks!!!!! I quickly got on social media and compared the photo to see the similarities side-by-side.

I asked my mom and sister, “What’s my father’s brother’s name?” I didn’t know and I never had a reason to ask about it until now. They answered, and my legs literally went weak when they said his first and last name – an exact match of the man’s name from Starbucks.

I had my answer, but I had to confirm it all. My heart pounding and my hands shaking, I sent him a message and explained that what I was about to ask may sound very strange, but I had to know. I asked him, “I’m sorry, but is this you in this photo, taken in 1989?”

I sent him a photo of the photo and, being completely in shock, he said that yes it was him and wondered how on earth I had the photo in my possession. I explained that it’s the only photo I have of my dad, who’s the other man in the picture. The conversation then went to the realization that he and I…are related. He’s my uncle and I’m his niece.

It was like being struck by an emotional bolt of lightning. I rarely ever cry, but oh boy did I break into tears. The man from Starbucks who I’d been chatting with about music and art this whole time, IS MY DAD’S BROTHER! And neither of us knew, until I somehow put the pieces together from a 30 year old photograph!

I feel happy and grateful that this happened! On the flip-side, after the dust has now settled, I feel a mysterious sadness that I can’t even begin to describe. I think it’s because I never knew my dad and suddenly I realized I’ve been friends with his brother without knowing. It’s a flood of emotions. I’ve been in an introspective haze and have just needed time to process everything.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading. It was long and not my usual content but, it was too surreal of an occurrence not to share with whoever follows my little corner of the internet. ❀️

See you next time!!

11 thoughts on “Ladybugs and a Miracle

  1. At first, I was like, I love that mint ladybug journal and the way it looks against that read gingham blouse. And then I read on about your Starbucks friend (I remember reading about when he complimented you before) and couldn’t believe it. I knew you were building up to something, and then when you confirmed that this friend is actually your uncle, I was like, whoa. Anyone who thinks that things don’t happen for a reason should read this post. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling but can see how this kind of discovery would be both happy and hard. I wish you and your family the best with whatever comes next πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So, the lady bug journal is adorable & pretty cool it matches your hair clip!!
    As for meeting your uncle for the first time.. that must be a bit surreal! I know what you mean
    about that feeling you get when you meet someone that you have felt you recognize them.
    I had that feeling when I first me you. ( But I doubt we are related lol )
    As the tote trove said.. everything happens for a reason!
    Warm Regards

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