Fade Into You

Hey all!! 💙

I hope you all have had a beautiful weekend. This outfit I’m wearing is from Friday. 😃 I was feeling very dreamy and whimsical, and my outfit certainly conveyed my mood from that day!

I love this headband so much!!! I got it from Claire’s awhile back. Paired with the roses, it was just so majestic.

I went to Teazers Friday night to do some much-needed journaling and work on my laptop, and people were giving my headband (or maybe not just the headband but me in general) some peculiar glances. What, isn’t it normal to see a woman with stars coming out of her head?!?!!

I had a visitor while I was journaling… 😃

On a concluding note, I met with my newfound uncle (as I mentioned the remarkable story in my previous post) for coffee this weekend. It was a beautiful time and something I’ll never forget!!!!!

Much to my surprise, I was given artwork made by my dad (and learned he is still an artist today, in fact, and that we have way more similarities on the creative spectrum than I ever would have imagined…). I wasn’t expecting to be given the artwork, so I was a bit speechless. I will cherish it! ❤️

See ya next time!!!

7 thoughts on “Fade Into You

  1. Absolutely beautiful outfit Sam~
    And cute little lady bug visitor!
    Well you get your artistic ability from your dad 🙂
    What was the artwork he gave you?

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  2. Great headgear! “What, it isn’t normal to see a woman with stars coming out of her head?!?!” LOL. I’m sure you made your fellow diners’ night! And that’s really interesting about the ladybug, especially because you got your dad’s artwork from your uncle (which in and of itself is amazing). Truly a sign of good at work in the universe!

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