Pass the Banjo

Hi, y’aaaaaall. For the record, I don’t play the banjo. But with my big hair paired with my gorgeous new gingham dress, it looks like I should!

Need I say more? I’m not sure who this woman is but she’s adorable, and we have somehow managed to coordinate outfits without even knowing. And decades apart, at that!!!! My sister sent me this photo and said it reminded her of me, by the way. That’s how I discovered my outfit twin.

This is a handmade dress from She’s a Mermaid Cat over on Etsy! She sews the most incredible clothing and I’m a huge fan now! I look forward to buying more dresses from her in the future! The clothing she makes is beautifully retro and sweet, and amazing quality to boot! 💜

In other news, guess who bought herself a ticket to see Ghost in September?!?!?! This will be my third time seeing them!

This is going to be a fresh experience for me in the sense that…I’m going by myself! I’ve never been to a concert by myself in my life! It’s out of town, but fortunately not a far drive at all.

I’m actually pretty proud of myself to be honest, because I never thought I’d have the courage to go to a concert alone (but I mean heck, I’ll be surrounded by hundreds of other people!). I go everywhere from coffee shops, walking at the park, to dining by myself with no hesitation, but a concert is something I have yet to try! So yay for climbing over those comfort zone obstacles!

Hope you enjoyed!! See ya!

7 thoughts on “Pass the Banjo

  1. I love this: “I’m not sure who this woman is but she’s adorable, and we have somehow managed to coordinate outfits without even knowing.” LOL! And how funny that your sister sent you this picture. Great dress; the butterfly barrettes give it a ’70s vibe. Congrats on your upcoming Ghost adventure! I’m glad that you get to see them again. I’ll sometimes go to the movies alone, but I’ve never braved a solo concert. As you say, though, you’ll be surrounded by people. And who knows? You might even get more out of the experience this way.

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