Spring and Unicorn Appreciation

Hi peeps!!

Last weekend, I went for a nice walk with a friend of mine, where I was able to truly appreciate spring in full bloom! 🌸 I even wore my springy lace gloves, so you know I meant business…

Blink blink!

I love going for walks during spring, because my curious inner child comes out to play. I love looking at the plants, and observing the behavior of creepy crawlers I spot along the way!

SO!!! Tuesday was National Unicorn Day, I recently learned. I follow Sweet Lyfe Boba Bar on Instagram, which is a local boba shop in my city with super cute food and beverages. I saw that they were having a celebration for National Unicorn Day, so my sister and I went there for unicorn-themed treats!!!

And I got to pose in front of this super cute backdrop they had set up! 💜


Everything was cuteness overload! It was a really fun morning. 💜

See you next time!!

5 thoughts on “Spring and Unicorn Appreciation

  1. Wow ! Lovely spring pictures! Cute lace gloves and super CUTE unicorn day pictures! Glad to see you had a good time! 🙂


  2. Springs walks are the best! The lace gloves are a lovely backdrop for your ring, and the trees are a nice, earthy backdrop for your whole outfit. I love that you celebrated National Unicorn Day! Your outfit (purple, yellow, and red is such a beautiful color mix) looks like it was made for the cafe’s decorations 🙂

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