Pretty in Pink

Hey there!!

For some reason this past week, I’ve watched Pretty in Pink (1986) like three times. I forgot how much I really love the movie and it’s definitely a favorite of mine. I admire Andie’s unique fashion sense and my favorite part is at the end, when she tells her dad before leaving for the prom that she’s going by herself. That, and her prom dress was absolutely killer!!!

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I’m definitely on team Duckie, just to be clear. He always supported Andie’s “volcanic ensembles” and was genuinely a sweetheart, with a really cute personality AND cute teeth, no less. 💜

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HOWEVER. I still can’t help swooning over Steff’s dreamy 80’s hair…*sigh*

I just now realized I am literally almost as old as this movie, haha!! Now back here in 2019…welp, here I am in a pink frock with a bell-shaped-sleeve blouse that just so happened to match the dress color, perfectly! I love when that happens.

Good times, people. What would I do without my eccentric and fun outfits???? I’d be pretty bored, to make an honest guess. I love putting together “volcanic ensembles”. 😉

See ya next time!!

2 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. I love Pretty in Pink, and I was always on team Duckie too! And yes, Andie’s, volcanic ensembles are awesome! I admired how she made her own clothes; it really made me wish I could sew. Your outfits — especially this one, but the other ones too — would fit right in in that movie 🙂 The way the big polka dots of this blouse contrast with the little polka dots of the dress is really cool, and the ruffles fall in perfectly. You look beautiful! I know what you mean about it being exciting when seemingly random pieces come together. Life would definitely be boring without eccentric outfits!


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