A Whole New World

Hey there!!

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Aladdin, and today I went to see it; I absolutely loved it!

Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney films, so it felt beautifully nostalgic to see it come to life from cartoon to live action. 💕 I was so happy with how it turned out and I think they did a really great job!

I wore this cute Princess Jasmine shirt from Target, my vintage skirt, along with my new ring I made for myself! I think this is my favorite ring I’ve made. 😉

I couldn’t get enough of the costumes worn in the film; so many jewel tones and much sparkle to admire! It’s easy to see why these shoes I wore are my favorite pair of shoes I own. They’re literally encrusted with rhinestones and crystal beads. 💜

It’s also looking like a whole new world in my Etsy shop! I’ve made some new goodies that I’m really happy with; the necklaces are cameo style, which is a new design I decided to try out and now I’m in love:

It’s been a creative past week, making new things. 💜 I wanted these new creations to be colorful and bold, and dang it, I think I succeeded! Because they are BRIGHT.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your week, and I’ll see you in the next post!

Pink, Blue, and Sabaton Too

Heeeey!! 😀

Pink and blue: two colors that seem so opposite, but I have found that they compliment each other so well! I chose a brighter look with this outfit. 💙

“Trust me.” * suspicious grin *
Rings made by me!

When you can’t decide which color of butterfly hairclip you want to wear. Wear one of each. PROBLEM SOLVED!

The creativity has been flowing for me like water unleashed from a dam, and thus, these notebooks were brought to life! I went through the ever-dependable Zazzle to get these printed, and they arrived in the mail this week!

I love the fact that I can print my art onto so many different things! These notebooks are available in my Etsy shop. I can’t wait to create more in the future! 💜

Listen all y’all it’s a Sabaton *Beastie Boy voice*

You all know my love for music! The other day, I meandered into a local music store that is known for carrying literally all types of music, and I was overjoyed to find my favorite album by Sabaton, a Swedish power metal band I discovered earlier this year. 😀

I love their style because they sing about historical battles, themes of war and heroism. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard and it makes everything seem epic, no matter what you’re doing. Driving to Starbucks for that cup of joe? EPIC. Knitting a sweater? EPIC.

It’s been an awesome week!! I managed to capture the most stunning sunset when I was sitting at Teazer’s the other night, enjoying a Tiger Spice Chai! This was my view and I felt very lucky:

I love sunsets, especially ones with silhouettes of palm trees. 💜 It was especially a nice view while I was reading my current book, D-Day, which my goal is to finish by the actual day of D-Day (June 6). I have no doubt I’ll be able to reach that goal of finishing the book by then!

See ya next time!!

Rainbow Bright

Helloooo! ❤️

To celebrate the end of the week, I wanted to post an ultra colorful outfit with every color of the rainbow in it! (I wore this before it randomly became rainy and cold, a day or two afterwards).

The gorgeous floral pin I’m wearing in the center-top of my dress is my favorite pin I bought at The Tote Trove (I simply love her creations because they are bright, beautiful, and so very unique!). The ring, I made. Doesn’t it all come together into a spring time explosion of color??

In retrospect, I’m surprised I didn’t get attacked by bees…


Surpriiiiiiiiise! 💙💚💛❤️ We had a big thunderstorm roll through yesterday early evening. I met my friend for coffee, and by the end of our hangout it was pouring! We walked outside and what do you know – a double rainbow!! (Doesn’t it look like the rainbow ends in the field?!)

It was so awesome. A nice, stormy day with a colorful ending!

See ya!! 💜


Hi hi!! Welcome to another episode of my random life… 😀

Here I am with a big ol’ cheesy grin as I sport one of my Ghost shirts (the image is from their first album, Opus Eponymous.)

The yellow skirt is a 1960’s vintage item I bought on Etsy a couple of months ago, and it came to me all the way from Belgium! 💛🇧🇪

This photo captures my essence so well: brutally awkward, no idea what’s going on, people trying to avoid eye contact with me and yet, I am blissfully unaware! 😀
Ring made by me!

This was last Thursday and it was a gorgeous day; I went out for some coffee and enjoyed sitting out on the Starbucks patio. The weather was unusually humid because a storm was due to arrive later on (I love the anticipation of an approaching storm).

After I was done at Starbucks, I decided that Indian food sounded so good (it’s my favorite cuisine). So I drove across the street to my favorite Indian restaurant for lunch. Yeah!!!

Vegetable and aloo pakoras
Paneer makhani

I was in heaven…I can’t express how much I love Indian food. I love the Indian culture/cuisine in general, so I get the best of both worlds because they have Indian music videos streaming in the restaurant. ❤️

In the evening, the storm hit. 💜 It began in the Sierra Nevada mountains and gradually swept its way into the valley. I managed to get some photos of the lightning – cool, no??

Storms aren’t very common where I live, so it was a big deal. Eventually, it drifted right over my house, and the wind and thunder was insane!! It was a cool way to wrap up the week.

See ya!! ❤️

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seed Parfait and Two Outfits

Ohhh happy day!! Welcome, readers. 💜

I wore some particularly colorful outfits this week! The first one was a baby blue floral ensemble, topped off with sweet pink bows. I think pale blue and pink go so well together. 🌸

I’ve had this butterfly headband for a long time that I made. And any of these little snap clips you see me wear, I got from Claire’s! 🌟✨ Even if I live to be 89 years old, I will most likely still be wearing hair clips from Claire’s. They have so many cute ones to choose from.

Wearing this fun ensemble, I met my friend downtown and we went to a small restaurant that serves organic food called Raw Fresno. I decided on the Chia Seed Parfait, and oohhhhhhhhhhhhh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhh…

This was literally the most delicious parfait I’ve ever had in my life! The texture was super thick, which was cool, and then you had some maple and molasses drizzled over the chia pudding and strawberries.

It was so good because it wasn’t super sweet, and there were so many layers to enjoy. I am salivating just looking at these pictures again…aaaaaaggggghhhh.

It was great to try new food, and something super healthy to boot! ❤️

See ya!!

Shootin’ Some Hoops

💜 Howdy, folks!! Happy start of the week! 💜

I made sure to document this, because I’m not a sporty person. Or so I thought…

I’ve acquired a liking for shootin’ some HOOPS. This was all my idea and one of my friends agreed it’d be fun to play some light-hearted basketball, so off to the court we went in the evening. I’ve been wanting to try new things, so this was a great chance!

I had a blast!! I’m sure it was quite a sight to see me running around the court, dribbling the ball, and jumping mid-air to shoot the basketball into the hoop. My friend and I played around the world, and surprisingly, I won. BOOM!

What did I prove? That you can do anything in a dress!

I’m going to continue playing basketball for fun. Next activity I want to try? Roller skating!

And for your entertainment, here are some pictures of me randomly standing in the road:

Proof that I’m totally pigeon-toed…

As you can see, I’ve been wearing lots of green lately! 💚 It was a really fun weekend, and I also had lunch with my long-lost grandfather and long-lost cousin I just recently met for the first time! So that was really lovely. 💜

What about you, dear reader? Good weekend? Is there an activity you’ve wanted to try before, but haven’t yet? Basketball, check! Roller skating…soon!

See ya!!

Like My Bow?

Hey hey!! Happy day of the week! (Yes, happy day of the week. That’s my new thing to say, lol.)

This outfit I wore recently is LOUD and PROUD. It deviates from my usual pastel aesthetic, so I was feelin’ risky. Bright orange, white, and blue accents…oh my!

Clearly there was a rose theme going on that I really played upon. The bow headband and subtle hair-clips was a fun way to top off the look, with a I-don’t-take-myself-OR-life-too-seriously undertone.

‘Twas a lovely week! I am so excited for summertime. It’s approaching! I love the heat. Probably because I am cold if it’s under 80 degrees…

Thursday night I had the opportunity to set up my booth at Art Hop! It was sooooo much fun…probably the most fun one I’ve been to thus far. Very quiet, peaceful but still with a good amount of foot traffic; in fact, I sold more than I ever have before at an Art Hop!

My friend came by and brought me a Starbucks iced mocha (my favorite). Nothing quite like sitting at my booth surrounded by my creations and enjoying an iced beverage. ❤️

But yeah, it was a really good week. REALLY GOOD. I think the warm weather also contributes to my happy mood, as well. 😀

‘Til next time!! Enjoy your weekend, folks!