Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seed Parfait and Two Outfits

Ohhh happy day!! Welcome, readers. πŸ’œ

I wore some particularly colorful outfits this week! The first one was a baby blue floral ensemble, topped off with sweet pink bows. I think pale blue and pink go so well together. 🌸

I’ve had this butterfly headband for a long time that I made. And any of these little snap clips you see me wear, I got from Claire’s! 🌟✨ Even if I live to be 89 years old, I will most likely still be wearing hair clips from Claire’s. They have so many cute ones to choose from.

Wearing this fun ensemble, I met my friend downtown and we went to a small restaurant that serves organic food called Raw Fresno. I decided on the Chia Seed Parfait, and oohhhhhhhhhhhhh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhh…

This was literally the most delicious parfait I’ve ever had in my life! The texture was super thick, which was cool, and then you had some maple and molasses drizzled over the chia pudding and strawberries.

It was so good because it wasn’t super sweet, and there were so many layers to enjoy. I am salivating just looking at these pictures again…aaaaaaggggghhhh.

It was great to try new food, and something super healthy to boot! ❀️

See ya!!

9 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seed Parfait and Two Outfits

  1. Hi Sammy, the pale blue and pink do go well together! Love the headband and clips from clairs!
    you will be 89 one day… and I would expect you to be wearing clips πŸ™‚ never change you are beautiful…
    and not just a pretty face… you are beautiful as a person!
    As for Chia … lol I love chia seeds
    I remember as a kid CHiA pet.. Cha cha cha chia pet just spread it on and watch it GROW… do you remember those commercials? I never knew back then chia was edible but now I eat them all the time! I have large containers of chia seeds they go well with cran raspberry juice soaked overnight.

    There is a a company here called
    MAMA CHIA they make drinks with them.. and they are yummy! That Strawberry Chia Parfait looks yummy!
    You look gorgeous ! And I love the outfits!

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    1. Thanks so much!!! I love hair clips, lol. Chia seeds have grown on me over time (I used to not like them). Now I really appreciate them and they’re good! I imagine chia seeds soaked in cranberry/raspberry juice would taste divine!


  2. Ch-ch-ch-Chia! LOL. I have a (bald) Bob Ross Chia pet. Both outfits are so pretty, but I especially like the accessories in the first one. The rhinestone bracelet, butterfly pin, and of course big pink bows all make for fairy tale magic πŸ™‚ Long live Claire’s!

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