Rococo Puffs

Hey hey!! πŸ’œ

I made my own cuff sleeves. NICE, NO??? They are detachable, which is even better! They paired well with this lace white top. It’s an easy way to add a retro look to a shirt!

The white flower puffs in my hair kind of look like snowballs from a distance. Puffy snowballs? It works. YEEEEEEEAH

Overall, I think the outfit turned out really cute! The top has KIND OF a rococo era feel – albeit a very casual version of it. WHICH IS A FAVORITE FASHION ERA OF MINE, SO, SUCCESS. πŸ’œ Why am I yelling?

I love the pastels, the frills, the jewelry, even the furniture from that time period!

My lace top and added sleeves remind me of this dress from Marie Antoinette, featuring Kirsten Dunst. ❀️ And while we’re at it, let’s admire some more rococo style (and let’s please stop and drool over these shoes!!!!!!!!!!)

Courtesy of
Courtesy of
Courtesy of
Courtesy of

On a last note, check out my latest statement necklace I made! πŸ’•

See ya next time!!! πŸ’œ

9 thoughts on “Rococo Puffs

  1. that is crazy… my dad had 2 rococo era chairs by the front door of my home for years. The rococo era chairs were Carved rosewood with red velvet. I never knew another person who knew what I was talking about. As for the pastel outfit… ABSOLUTLY GORGEOUS! ( why am I yelling) LOL πŸ™‚ I still have a vase from my great great great grandmother… it is from the 1750s I think when they first came to America. I will send you a picture of it.

    The flower puffs do look like little snowballs! πŸ™‚ And the pastel color outfit reminds me of oddly a box of salt water taffy my grandma gave me many years ago…
    I love the lace and cuffs! Very cool Marie Antoinette! πŸ™‚ I like the unicorn jumping over the rose… if you ever make another put a waxing crescent moon! The unicorn JUMPED OVER the moon!

    You are absolutely beautiful Miss Samantha!

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  2. Rococo Puffs — great title! And I’m so impressed with your cuffs! They look beautiful, and I love that you can wear them with anything. I really enjoyed all of the rococo pictures; they’re so feminine and gorgeous, like pastries! Finally, fabulous unicorn necklace! I’m really loving all of your new jewelry!


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