Summer Days, Summer Nights

Hi! Happy summer to you all, dear readers. 😃

Orange is a color that I’ve grown to really appreciate. Not only is it a nice color in general, but it really pops against my skin tone, I’ve learned. That, and hot pink is a nice addition to it!

…’kay, my attention has returned.

I’ve definitely been leaning towards oranges/hot pinks/corals, which really look nice against a summer tan. ❤️

On a hot summer evening, I feel especially drawn to meander out somewhere for either an iced beverage or something to eat, with a good book for company. Some mac n’ cheese at Panera was something I hadn’t had in a long time, so I went for that!

I firmly believe a book can be your best friend. For instance, the above book is one that, no matter how many times I read it, I always come back to and have ever since I first read it when I was 15. It’s one of those books that’ll stay with me throughout life.

My highly anticipated book line-up, after I finish reading Band of Brothers for the 5,000th time of course! Sunday evening, I went to Barnes & Noble not just to peruse the aisles this time, but to intentionally go and pick out these two books I really wanted.

Have I mentioned how much I love reading? 😉

Here’s a shot of my car, Jude, that I took the other night after a walk. It was the most gorgeous sunset I’ve seen in a while!

I love this time of year, and all-around, I’m feeling really good right now; my career life has changed and I’m now working as a freelance graphic designer. I lucked out and through a connection, I’m designing logos, graphics, etc. for a bay area business and rather than being in an office, I work remotely and do everything from my very own laptop! Like, I’VE BEEN DOING MY WORK AT STARBUCKS. Could I ask for anything better than that!!!!!!?

It’s the most ideal job I could possibly ask for, so I really hope this can be my new thing. One day at a time, as I always say!

Here’s to more beautiful summer sunsets. See ya!! ❤️

14 thoughts on “Summer Days, Summer Nights

  1. I love orange too! Your blouse is so pretty and really striking with your saddle shoes and, of course, butterfly barrettes. I firmly agree that a book can be your best friend. I’m a reader too and don’t know what I’d do without that outlet to process the world. I’m glad you’re getting reacquainted with your best bros and that you met some new ones too 🙂 That picture of your car is amazing!! Talk about orange; that sunset is the perfect backdrop, like a poster, but better. And finally — congrats on your new freelance design gig! That is so exciting and truly does sound like a dream come true! Your work is wonderful. The Bay area is in for a treat!!

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  2. Wow… just wow.. you are SUPER gorgeous as always Sammy!

    The Orange does look nice with your tan. I like orange clothing as well.

    Lots of people I know think I look funny when I wear my orange shirt.. but I am NOT very fashionable lol!
    I like my orange hat! lol

    I love the orange on you!!
    If you were a fruit you would be an ORANGE California “CUTIE” like those little mandarin oranges!

    Speaking of fruit/ food…. that is really quite odd you put up a picture of the Mac and Cheese..

    I am a very odd person and I took a picture of my Mac and cheese I got from a place here called Boston chicken.

    I had not had Mac and cheese in a few years!

    I love the picture of you ” Distracted” LOL.. in the dozen years I have known you … a handful of pictures I think are freaking awesome… and this is my new favorite one. I want to caption the pic of you distracted..
    ” OH LOOK A SQUIRREL” I get distracted often 🙂

    The Sky and Jude look amazing! The books look really interesting!

    Congrats about the freelance graphic designer job!! Sounds amazing and working from Starbucks!

    Years ago my dad worked for a big pharma company doing artwork for displays and stuff , when he got laid off work he became a freelance graphic designer and he worked from his studio in my parents home.

    Back then he had no computer but a large drafting table. And a light table and all sorts of cool art stuff.

    I am glad to see you are happy!
    I wish I was out there to enjoy the nice weather with you and walk around Barnes and Noble..
    Although the weather here been pretty ok lately.
    I HOPE you have a great day!

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  3. In your distracted pic you look like you’re saying, ugh! Lol. But those colors really look good on you. Congratulations on the new job. That’s awesome to hear. Band of Brothers is such a great book. I’ve read it plenty of times too. Currently I’m reading a book on Gettysburg. After that I’ll start reading one on John Adams

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  4. Orange is your color! And if Panera makes anything good it’s their mac & cheese!! Awesomeness in a bowl!

    Your distracted look rocks lol!!

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