Flashy Feet

Hi y’all!! 💙

Like the new shoes? These are probably the most unique pair of shoes I own now, and they are really FUN and comfortable…it was hard to find the right outfit to wear them with, though! Thankfully, I had one shirt that kind of matched. 😎

You can find these shoes on Amazon, right here!

Fun fact: these little blue rhinestone hair clips in my hair…I last wore them at my senior prom, 2005. No joke!!! I found them in a drawer the other day and decided to bring ’em out for air.

Hee heee!

On Friday, I treated myself to an authentic French crêpe. Doesn’t it look heavenly? It was as delicious as it looks. 😍 I had it at a French café here in town that I go to pretty frequently!

See ya next time!!

Dizzy Up the Californians

Welcome back!! 💙

What an interesting weekend it’s been! For starters, I have been revisiting an album I seem to always come back to. It’s like a grilled cheese sandwich with soup in winter, or strawberries with whipped cream in summer. Basically, it’s comforting!

I spotted The Goo Goo Dolls playing live on Kelly & Ryan the other morning, and I was reminded of the happy memory of seeing them live back in 2011! It also inspired me to check out their other albums for a fresh listen.

Dizzy Up the Girl (1998) is definitely my favorite album of theirs. I’ve been playing it on loop and I honestly love every song. Plus, there’s a heavy nostalgia factor, growing up as a 90’s kid and hearing these songs on the radio… 💙


Now, I didn’t feel the Fourth of July earthquake (although many people where I live did). The second one though – the even bigger one the next evening – I definitely felt and I freaked out a bit…

I was just sitting at the dining room table and noticed I felt slightly dizzy, like someone was moving my chair up and down. I shot out of the chair at lightning speed, went down the hall, and noticed the bookshelf was making a creaking sound and the stand-up fans were rocking around. And it just kept going!!!

It turned out to be almost a minute long. Anyhow, it was felt here noticeably, and I’m in Central California, around 200 miles from the epicenter in Southern California! I can’t imagine what it was like for the Ridgecrest residents!!! 💔

On a cheerier note, here’s a pretty blue outfit I wore! I love outfits that have different hues of the same color. I added hot pink for the accessories.

Here’s to different hues of blue, albums that comfort us, and hoping that the tectonic plates chill out for awhile. All this talk of fault lines and the impending Big One has me feeling just a tad freaked out.

But!!! What can you do, really? Just gotta roll with it…or roll with the plates, in this case.

See ya! 💙

A Walk on the Wild Side

Hey hey!! 😀

Welcome back to another episode of……my very quiet existence. How are you all? Hopefully good???

Outside of my freelance work, the week consisted of:

  1. Reading until my eyeballs nearly rolled out of my head (I finished Band of Brothers, and began Lions of Kandahar.
  2. Doing copious amounts of Swedish lessons.
  3. Going to my usual coffee spots each day and also eating Indian food!!
  4. Walking a bit at the park.
  5. Watching a short documentary on the 82nd Airborne.
  6. Made the bad decision of watching a scary movie late at night. I watched The Lost Boys (1987), which I had never seen before, but I’m currently obsessed with the theme song Cry Little Sister (the original track and also Marilyn Manson’s recent cover of it!). So I watched the movie, even though I was scared to!!! And I appreciated the 1980’s aura and the comedy but I just can’t do the whole vampires and blood thing… 😓

And now, we have an outfit:

Leopard print isn’t a pattern I typically wear, but when I saw this top hanging on a shelf at H&M, it was love at first sight. Glad I bought it, because it’s cute and super comfortable! ❤️

Because sometimes, you just have to take a risk. Even if the risk is wearing a pattern you don’t typically wear. I live on the edge like that.

You know, this is exactly why I’m fascinated with reading about military operations and soldiers jumping out of airplanes. Because they take some seriously major risks in life, unlike meeeee…

Well, the risks I took this week were wearing a leopard-print top and watching The Lost Boys. But dang it, I did it!!!!!!!!

If you like the shirt (and the shoes!), you can find them both at your nearest H&M, I’m sure! 😀 I bought them only a week ago. What is a risk-taking pattern you’ve worn that you ended up really liking? I kinda want to try a tropical-pattern blouse next, like with pineapples on it or something…

See ya!