A Walk on the Wild Side

Hey hey!! 😀

Welcome back to another episode of……my very quiet existence. How are you all? Hopefully good???

Outside of my freelance work, the week consisted of:

  1. Reading until my eyeballs nearly rolled out of my head (I finished Band of Brothers, and began Lions of Kandahar.
  2. Doing copious amounts of Swedish lessons.
  3. Going to my usual coffee spots each day and also eating Indian food!!
  4. Walking a bit at the park.
  5. Watching a short documentary on the 82nd Airborne.
  6. Made the bad decision of watching a scary movie late at night. I watched The Lost Boys (1987), which I had never seen before, but I’m currently obsessed with the theme song Cry Little Sister (the original track and also Marilyn Manson’s recent cover of it!). So I watched the movie, even though I was scared to!!! And I appreciated the 1980’s aura and the comedy but I just can’t do the whole vampires and blood thing… 😓

And now, we have an outfit:

Leopard print isn’t a pattern I typically wear, but when I saw this top hanging on a shelf at H&M, it was love at first sight. Glad I bought it, because it’s cute and super comfortable! ❤️

Because sometimes, you just have to take a risk. Even if the risk is wearing a pattern you don’t typically wear. I live on the edge like that.

You know, this is exactly why I’m fascinated with reading about military operations and soldiers jumping out of airplanes. Because they take some seriously major risks in life, unlike meeeee…

Well, the risks I took this week were wearing a leopard-print top and watching The Lost Boys. But dang it, I did it!!!!!!!!

If you like the shirt (and the shoes!), you can find them both at your nearest H&M, I’m sure! 😀 I bought them only a week ago. What is a risk-taking pattern you’ve worn that you ended up really liking? I kinda want to try a tropical-pattern blouse next, like with pineapples on it or something…

See ya!

21 thoughts on “A Walk on the Wild Side

  1. Cute outfit! The leopard print works for you. Also great choice for a movie. I always laugh when Corey Feldman says, “We trashed the one who looks like Twisted Sister.” Lol. It’s still one of my favorite Vampire movies. I think you would enjoy The Fearless Vampire Killer’s by Roman Polanski and stars himself and Sharon Tate. The movie has it’s funny moments too.

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  2. Aww Sam you are absolutely gorgeous! ( As always!!) Love the Leopard Print… Fashion risk taker!
    this made me laugh ” Welcome back to another episode of……my very quiet existence”
    Your shoes are super cute too! And I can not believe you watched “The Lost Boys” …
    I have not seen that since the early 90s! Do you own it?

    Yeah I do not watch scary movies late at night… and I’m not really into the whole vampire blood thing either.
    It freaks me out… not my cup of tea!

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  3. Love the leopard! It’s different but still very you. That’s what I like about fashion, the way it lets us show all the sides of ourselves. The risk taking stuff was funny. But for what it’s worth, I think you take lots of risks. Way to be fearless!

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      1. Hopefully that’s all for a while!

        Haven’t bugged you in a while and wanted to see if you were affected.

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