Dizzy Up the Californians

Welcome back!! πŸ’™

What an interesting weekend it’s been! For starters, I have been revisiting an album I seem to always come back to. It’s like a grilled cheese sandwich with soup in winter, or strawberries with whipped cream in summer. Basically, it’s comforting!

I spotted The Goo Goo Dolls playing live on Kelly & Ryan the other morning, and I was reminded of the happy memory of seeing them live back in 2011! It also inspired me to check out their other albums for a fresh listen.

Dizzy Up the Girl (1998) is definitely my favorite album of theirs. I’ve been playing it on loop and I honestly love every song. Plus, there’s a heavy nostalgia factor, growing up as a 90’s kid and hearing these songs on the radio… πŸ’™


Now, I didn’t feel the Fourth of July earthquake (although many people where I live did). The second one though – the even bigger one the next evening – I definitely felt and I freaked out a bit…

I was just sitting at the dining room table and noticed I felt slightly dizzy, like someone was moving my chair up and down. I shot out of the chair at lightning speed, went down the hall, and noticed the bookshelf was making a creaking sound and the stand-up fans were rocking around. And it just kept going!!!

It turned out to be almost a minute long. Anyhow, it was felt here noticeably, and I’m in Central California, around 200 miles from the epicenter in Southern California! I can’t imagine what it was like for the Ridgecrest residents!!! πŸ’”

On a cheerier note, here’s a pretty blue outfit I wore! I love outfits that have different hues of the same color. I added hot pink for the accessories.

Here’s to different hues of blue, albums that comfort us, and hoping that the tectonic plates chill out for awhile. All this talk of fault lines and the impending Big One has me feeling just a tad freaked out.

But!!! What can you do, really? Just gotta roll with it…or roll with the plates, in this case.

See ya! πŸ’™

5 thoughts on “Dizzy Up the Californians

  1. Dizzy Up the Girl is one of my favorite albums, too. As you said, every song is good, which is a real rarity! I heard about the earthquakes and wondered if you were affected. Glad it was only minimally (relatively speaking)! I can’t even imagine going through something like that. “I’M LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU, TECTONIC PLATES”, LOL. Way to use that sense of humor! Finally, your blue blouse is lovely. I like how you styled it with the fresh — and freshly crafted! — flowers πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh Samantha…
    Nostalgic bands like the goo goo dolls bring back memories for me as well.
    I like the GooGoo Dolls as well..
    But that earthquake seems pretty scary!
    I have only experienced one in my life and it was very minor. We don’t get many here at all.
    Gosh Sammy… you make me laugh.. I am glad you are OK!
    The Blue outfit and pink Bling Bling rings look awesome!
    You look like a puffy white cloud with a beautiful blue sky!
    But the oddest thing of this blog was the egg at the end.
    I have a little squishy egg just like it! I keep it in my car lol
    I squeeze it sometimes lol ( I know I’m werid)
    he is my lazy egg.. egg gudetama is his name!
    LOL I never knew anyone else who even knew
    gudetama! Miss ya !

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    1. Yay for the Goo Goo Dolls!!! So nostalgic, indeed! Earthquakes are very eerie, no doubt about it. Thanks for the compliment on my outfit! Haha, the little egg is hugely popular! πŸ˜€


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