Pattern Crazy

Hi! 💙

I’m definitely celebrating patterns in this post! This first outfit makes me think of a race track, watching cars zoom by and checkered flags waving in the wind.

This is a very different pattern for me! I don’t own anything checkered…until now. (From Forever 21).

Is it just me, or does it feel like summer is zooming by? It’s bittersweet, because I love summer and the heat…but I also love fall! So I always feel torn how to feel…lol.

Here’s another outfit…

Scarf life. For life.

I actually really like this last outfit in particular! The mix of polka dots with the unusual black and white scarf is cool, in my opinion. The big brooch in the center really topped the whole thing off!

And of course, red butterfly clips. ❤️ You know what, this outfit is beautifully confusing, in a way. That’s why I love it!!!

I’m now the proud owner of the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood soundtrack! Now I can cruise around in my Challenger and pretend it’s 1969. What better way to finish off the remaining days of summer?

Bye for now! ❤️

8 thoughts on “Pattern Crazy

  1. Wow !

    I love the Blue race track checkard flag style outfit! Super cute! And I love the blue butterfly in your hair even more!
    I saw a pretty blue butterfly today by the café here at work…

    Also I love the red outfit with the polka dots allot!

    You look cute and very stylish!

    And Pretty awesome “Once Upon a Time” soundtrack! I bet its nice to listen to it in Jude!


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  2. That checkerboard top is awesome! So bold and retro and, yes, race-car-y 🙂 I also love your rhinestone heart brooch — and how it adds to the “beautiful confusion” of your outfit. “Scarf life. For life” made me laugh. As did the return of butterscotch boy! Seriously, though, that sounds like a great soundtrack. Happy listening in the Challenger 🙂


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