Red Bows and a Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Hellooo!! ❤️

Happy beginning of September, folks! I hope the year has treated you well and continues to do so. Here’s to a new month with new opportunities and perspectives. 😊

This cheetah print outfit I wore was my favorite ensemble from last week! The patterns were different – cheetah print with a subtle floral print skirt – but since the colors of each were similar, I felt it worked in harmony.

Add red bows, and there’s your unexpected pop of color. BOOM!

Definitely a favorite outfit I came up with. I love pops of red on an otherwise neutral colored outfit. Just really adds some pizzazz!

Saturday night, I did something totally different for me, and that was, meeting up with a few gals to go dancing at an 80’s Goth Night!

My favorite thing was observing the cool, 80’s-esque ensembles people had on. And wow, did everyone have some cool dance moves. Did I dance???? Surprisingly, yes, in the circle of gals I was with.

Can I dance? …No. And it shows. I’m naturally a very rigid person in posture, so much that I sometimes wonder if my soul is some old Victorian woman, so fluid dance moves just aren’t something I can offer. But cheers to trying something outside of my comfort zone!

In other news, here’s me entertaining myself by taking photos of my hand and eyeball in a rainbow glow produced by the sunlight coming in through the peep hole of my front door: 

Creepy eye, no? Probably the last thing you’d want to see in the dark. Me.

On a concluding note, here’s my new purse that also falls into the creepy category! If you’ve seen the film Beetlejuice, you’ll recognize it, but if not, let me explain! In the movie, Lydia Deetz comes upon a book that gives her a glimpse into the spirit world…

And behold!!! My new handbag, which looks like the book from the film. I love it so much! 💙 A nice reminder for me that acknowledging death and all souls who have departed…makes me appreciate life even more so.

See you next time!!

6 thoughts on “Red Bows and a Handbook for the Recently Deceased

  1. Adorable outfit; I too love a pop of color against neutrals! And that’s really cool that you went out dancing. The part about you having the soul of some old Victorian woman made me laugh. It weirdly fits in with your rainbow photographs — which are amazing! — because both are otherworldly. As is your new bag! I’ve seen Handbook for the Recently Deceased stuff all over Pinterest and even pinned some, but I totally forgot it was from Beetlejuice. I just thought it was an intriguing concept. Anyway, great post, great way to tie it all together, and great guts for trying something new 🙂

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  2. Sammy , I Love the cheetah print and floral pattern with the red bows!
    They do POP! Very CUTE!
    Also Pretty awesome you went dancing!
    I laughed a bit when you said your an old Victorian soul because of your ridged dancing!
    made me think of myself! I am the same way!
    Dancing is not my thing at all and I feel like an old man! lol
    So that is pretty cool that you were able to do it and come out of your comfort zone!

    As for the The Rainbow Peephole… It is AMAZING!
    I’m glad you took a picture of it.
    Ever since I was a child I was always amazed at how the peephole in my parents house had a rainbow on the wall during sunset only.

    The first time I ever saw it on the wall I did not know what it was and tried to CATCH the circle rainbow with a CUP! lol I was a little kid!

    I think it all depends on if your house front door faces WEST….
    Many peoples homes do not get that privilege of rainbow peephole! If the front door faces north or south that will not happen.

    I liked the rainbow peephole so much as a child … that my dad installed 3 peepholes ! one for my Dad, mom and a smaller one down low just for me to look out as a KID!

    So I doubt the last think I would want to see in the dark is your rainbow EYEBALL! lol I may try to catch it with a CUP! lol
    Lastly…. I love the BEETLEJUICE handbag! AWESOMENES! 🙂

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