Nostalgic Autumn

Hello, all!! πŸ’• How has your October been thus far? Hopefully, very well!

Autumn has a nostalgic feeling to it that’s hard to pinpoint exactly why, but the feeling is noticeably there. Hence, I have found myself reaching for a book that brings me back to my childhood, and most definitely, it’s this one:

I read it profusely in elementary school, so much that the spine of the book is broken, so it’ll lay flat when you open it. Other than that, it’s still in mint condition! The time period of the early 1900’s has always felt…comforting to me? Almost like a warm embrace? ❀️

I’ve always been drawn to the Titanic story, and I also enjoy the film, but I mainly watch it now to admire the fashion (I turn the movie off after they hit the iceberg and I pretend they duct taped the damage and everything carried on and all was fine). Anyhow, Voyage on the Great Titanic will always be the heart of my childhood, and I never tire of re-reading it!

I’m also halfway through a book I bought recently, written in 1722 by Daniel Defoe, and it’s absolutely fascinating! The amount of detail provided really sheds light on the subject matter and immerses you so much that you feel as if you’re actually there (which is no picnic). This is the fourth book I’ve read about the plague.

Outfit time! This new lace top is from Forever 21 and the skirt is thrifted. Paired with the thick black choker, I like the vintage feel it has!

Evening walks at the first start of autumn are always one of my favorites. It’s not too cold yet, so I can still enjoy the outdoors!! I discovered a back-end trail at the park I walk at, and there’s a spot with a beautiful view of the river. Now it’s my favorite spot…

I usually walk by myself, but this time my friend came with me. I like to trek on out there and check out the creepy crawlers on the ground, and also the wildlife. There are hawks and I saw my first real-life owl when I took these photos!

Owl at the top of the tree

See you next time!! πŸ‚

10 thoughts on “Nostalgic Autumn

  1. Wow… love this blog.. The titanic book is interesting. I myself feel intrigued about that time period as well. But I do not like the part after they hit the iceberg. If I were on board the ship I would have CERTAINLY been in the boiler room and been one of the people who did not survive. ( This goes with my fear of dark water and open ocean at night) But anyway… I find it very interesting as well and I have read allot about the boilers and the amount of coal used. I read somewhere that the ship sunk not only because of the iceberg but because of a smoldering fire of coal that happened days earlier that weakened the ship hull. On a brighter note… the plague.. it is a fascinating subject!

    Sad subject but probably something that will happened again. I am at the forefront of where vaccines are made for the world so I get to see just how many scientists work on creating vaccines to prevent this type of plague from spreading. Check out Dengue fever.. you may find it interesting.

    And lastly your outfit… GORGEOUS beautiful as always! Love the skirt you thrifted! πŸ™‚ nice! And the picture of the owl reaminds me of drawing of an owl in a branch with no leaves my father drew when he was in in 20s many years ago. It hangs next to the drawing of the hummingbirds he gave my mom. Pretty awesome picture! I have never seen a owl in the wild… only in a zoo. I have heard them in the wild but never seen them! Did you know they have one ear hole higher than the other .. so they can located things by auditory as accurate as we located things by sight! And the back-end trail looks pretty awesome place to hang out it has a very bucolic feel! Very Beautiful sunset!

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    1. Thanks so much for reading!! And thanks for sharing all of that…I didn’t know about the amount of coal used and such on the Titanic! Very interesting to know! Also about the owls! ❀️


  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying your books; there really is something about returning to childhood favorites. I reread my favorites too sometimes, and it’s always interesting to see what new perspective I have. Anyway, you imagining the Titantic being duct-taped made me laugh. A much better ending! Lovely outfit and outdoor pics; your peach blouse is so pretty, especially with your new skirt and Beetlejuice purse, and the sunset is breathtaking. πŸ™‚

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