I Love Grey Pumpkins

Ahoy there!!! 💜

Purple and blue…ahh, I love this color combination! And with puffy sleeves, no less…super groovy!

The blouse is from Forever 21, the skirt is thrifted, and the belt is handmade by me. 💙 I’m trying a new project of sewing myself belts that tie in the back! The purple star pin is made of sequins and I recently found it in an old jewelry box I have. 😄

And here I am at the pumpkin patch! I’m sooooo drawn to the sickly grey pumpkins!!! I love the traditional orange ones of course, but there is something so endearing about these grey ones. I adore them! ❤️

See ya next time!!

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6 thoughts on “I Love Grey Pumpkins

  1. Beautiful pictures! Pretty Purple and Blue outfit … ( love the puffy sleeves ) And cool star pin! Looks like a real starfish. I love the slower skirt! Pretty! As for the pumpkin… I belive you are holding a Blue max or Jarrahdale pumpkin. I like the Valencia Casper or white ghost pumpkins.. The Coffee and macaroon looks YUMMY!

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  2. Great job on the belt! It’s very Victorian and really ties together your blue and purple outfit. And yes, your blouse’s puffy sleeves are indeed super groovy 🙂 I like that you like the gray pumpkins. As you say, there’s something endearing about underdogs.

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