Accidental Suspenders

Hey y’alllllll… ❤️

I mean this blog post title quite literally when I say, I accidentally turned this dress into a suspender dress of sorts…

The part where it buttons at the front was a bit loose, so I pinned the cloth back and ultimately it looks like suspenders now…

Both the blouse and dress are from Forever 21, and The Little Mermaid charm necklace is something I’ve had since I was a kid!! ❤️

This whole talk of suspenders makes me think of a hilarious skit from The Coppertop Flop Show (Disney Channel, from many years ago) in which Calum Worthy portrays a wardrobe set designer obsessed with suspenders, mentioning that he “lost control” at one point and started putting suspenders on everything from dogs, cats, to trees…

He ends the skit on a deep note with this quote: “Suspenders are a metaphor of life. Something has to hold you up.”

True!! Although I feel like he would deeply disapprove of my faux-suspenders. In fact, in that photo above, I feel like that is him critiquing my makeshift suspenders.

But I tried, no?? ❤️

See ya!!

8 thoughts on “Accidental Suspenders

  1. LOL !! hahahaha
    “Suspenders are a metaphor of life.
    Something has to hold you up.”

    omg… Sammy You crack me up!
    The makeshift suspenders look cute!
    He does look like he is deeply disapproving of them not
    being real suspenders!
    The little mermaid is cute & I love the Red dress! It is very pretty! Just like you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You look so adorable! I love the red floral dress, faux suspenders and all, and am of course a big fan of the Ariel necklace. I especially love that you’ve had it since you were a kid. I’ve never heard of this Calum Worthy, but he’s hilarious — and, as you say, deep!

    Liked by 1 person

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