November Musings

Hello helloooo!! 💛

Like the golden frock? It’s a Forever 21 find, and it’s easily one of my favorite dresses ever. I love the bright pink and blue flowers that pop amidst the sea of gold!

And here’s a second outfit, with some good old fashion puff sleeves:

I’ve been happy to notice that the leaves are finally changing colors here! It took awhile, but now they’re gradually beginning to transition. It’ll be nice as the month continues on and the trees will fully engulf in flaming bright red and orange.

My cool sister being camera shy. 💜 We make an eye-catching team: her purple hair, and my gigantic hair. Since I’m currently reading The Witches by Stacy Schiff, I realized how fast my sister and I would probably be accused of being witches if we were in 1692 Massachusetts, even though neither of us are one. What I’ve learned from this book, is that even a simple mole or birthmark could get you accused.

However, our marital statuses alone would shine a suspicious spotlight on us. A feisty widow (my sister) and an eccentric spinster (me)? We wouldn’t stand a chance in 1692 Salem! 😀

This book is slightly over 400 pages, and I’ve just hit the halfway mark. It’s tremendously fascinating, well-written, and very hard to put down!! I love it so much, and since I’m intrigued with the Salem Witch Trials, this has been an enthralling read. ❤️

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of November. 💕 🕸

See ya next time!!!

10 thoughts on “November Musings

    Love the picture of the bird:) and of the trees.. I was looking at maple leaves today thinking
    of you.. Cool spider web! Did I ever tell you about Spider Goats?
    And LOL your FUNNY.. ” you wouldn’t stand a chance in 1692 Salem”

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  2. Ooh, I love all things yellow, including your dress and what you say about it: “I love the bright pink and blue flowers that pop amidst the sea of gold!” Your sister’s hair is amazing!! Her earthy outfit makes for such a nice contrast against the bright purple, and her necklace is so mystical. The witch trials book sounds like an interesting read; what a terrible time to be even the slightest bit different! What you say about you and your sister made me laugh, though. Hey, if you’re witch hunt bait, then you’re doing something right!

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