I Put the “No” in “Snow”

Ahoy!! ❄️

So!! I’ve made it a point to try to embrace winter in every way possible – that includes snow. I agreed to go up to the mountains yesterday with my friend to get a taste of snow life, because lately I’ve been trying to embrace the uncomfortable (i.e., winter temps).

I TRIED. I REALLY DID! I mean, snow is beautiful; there is no denying that. That’s why I specifically took photos of the snow itself, in admiration of its beauty. Because I knew my time with it would be SHORT…

That’s me, trying to convince myself that I enjoy snow…smiling through clenched teeth. The truth is, it turns out * drumroll * that I truly am a valley girl at heart. Heck, our winters in the valley aren’t that cold! But snow?!?! I just can’t, and I salute all of you readers who live in climates where snow is simply part of your everyday winter experience. I lasted about an hour before I was like, “well, it’s been fun…I’ll see myself out now.”

Part of it was that I nearly slipped like TWENTY TIMES. I resorted to nature itself to support me – that is, this massive stick I found that I used to keep myself upright. It helped! Plus, it made me look cool…well, in my opinion anyway.

This blog post seems a bit chilly with all the snow up in here, so let’s warm it up with some colorful necklaces I recently finished, shall we??

Behold! I started early: two variations of Easter necklaces, and a fun Valentine’s Day necklace in which you have not one, but two frogs hoping you’ll be their Valentine and give ’em a smooch. 💋💋

See ya next time!!

11 thoughts on “I Put the “No” in “Snow”

  1. I can’t agree with you more! We do get some snow here in South Jersey, but not too much, and when we do, I hate it. Still, props to you for trying to conquer your demons. The stick part is funny, and I love your scarf!

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