A Very Brady Outfit

Hey all!! ❤️💙

I mentioned in my last post that I’d been watching episodes of The Brady Bunch. I love the storyline and the wholesome nature of the show, however, another thing I love most about the show is the fashion!

I spotted this granny square vest on the episode My Fair Opponent (1972). Marcia gives the not-so-popular girl at school, Molly Webber, a makeover which included this adorable vest I instantly fell in love with.

And what did I do?? I hopped on Etsy, of course. A simple search brought many a granny square vest up in the results, and I found a very similar one like hers – who would have guessed I’d be so lucky?!?!

Can I get a heck yes for granny square vests please… and while we are on a 70’s roll here, I’ll gradually ease into the other goodies from this past week…

I was beyond happy to get the two CD’s I’ve wanted for some time now in the mail; it’s always nice to have some new tunes to play in the car while I drive! Another bonus from this past week are these new daisy hair clips I made. 🌸 They look ultra late 60’s/early 70’s.

Hotter Than Hell by KISS (1974). 💜 Definitely my favorite album of theirs, next to their debut album! I love the gritty-sounding production on this one.

This is my second Ace Frehley album!!!! I wrote awhile back in another blog post how much I loved his 1978 solo album. Fast forward forty-years later, and I love Spaceman (2018) just as much! Yet again, I’m enamored by the gritty, cosmic, rockin’ straight-shooter of an album this one is. My favorite line (because it makes me giggle) from my favorite song off this album (Bronx Boy):

Bronx boy,
Just trying to exist,
I never played with toys,
Don’t give me bullshit.

Maybe it’s just my sunny, rose-tinted-California-perspective that draws me to his rough-around-the-edges, no-nonsense approach??? I’ve never been to the Bronx, but he paints his childhood as a street kid (before he got famous in KISS) quite well through his no-fluff lyrics!

And as I loop this blog post around full circle, my new albums are definitely not as wholesome as The Brady Bunch and granny square vests. But what do they all have in common, in one way or another? The seventies, that’s what!

See you next time!! 💜

9 thoughts on “A Very Brady Outfit

  1. OMG, your new vest is a dead ringer for the one on the Brady Bunch!! That’s so cool that you found it. You look great in it, and I love it with the red pinstriped mini. It’s so clever the way you tied all the ’70s stuff together, contrasts and all: “Maybe it’s just my sunny, rose-tinted-California-perspective that draws me to his rough-around-the-edges, no-nonsense approach???” LOL. Enjoy your new tunes! 🙂

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