60’s Mod…-ifications

Howdy, all! 💞

Well I knew it would happen once I learned some sewing basics; this week, I’ve gotten much better at hand-sewing, and I had the epiphany: “Bleep it…let’s modify any dormant clothing item in my closest and make it look totally different!!!”

And that’s what I did this past week (aside from working and binge-reading my two favorite books about The Berlin Wall). It was record-breaking hot (more on that later) so I hardly went on any walks, which left me with an infinite amount of time to sew lace trim to some dresses and blouses (this is just one outfit, I did way more but I’ll feature ’em in future posts!)

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we’ve had record-breaking heat here in California. In Central California where I live, we hit 112 degrees one day!!! And even worse, there are many wildfires going on throughout the state (the closest one being 60 miles away) and the smoke has made the air quality pretty awful.

But to beat the heat, I’ve become quite the barista. 😎 I’ve been making these mocha frappucinos that are super easy to make and they are amaazing. This is Gevalia Mocha Frappe Mix (it runs out of stock frequently since many people are making their own coffee drinks at home with the pandemic). Highly recommend it for all of you coffee lovers out there! 💕

I captured the very essence of how it looks outside this past week. The sun has been a blazing red with the landscape a glowing orange. Also, how’s that for a weather report on your phone?!?!? I just had to screenshot it!

See ya next time!! 💕

10 thoughts on “60’s Mod…-ifications

  1. I love the lace! PRETTY! You are very talented! I remember when my mom taught me how to hand sew when i was little… it is not easy to do! I love the Mocha Frap.. looks yummy i will have to try and buy some myself! The books look interesting!!
    The picture of the sun looks surreal and the screenshot of the high temp and SMOKE is very strange.
    I can say the weather here is no smoke… 🙂
    You look beautiful as always Sammy ! 🙂

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  2. You did a beautiful job with your dress!! I love that it’s kind of ’60s and kind of Victorian and very you!! I can’t wait to see your other “mod-ified” creations!! I heard about the fires in California; that’s really awful. And the “smoke” thing on your phone is definitely weird. But I’m glad that you’re staying safe and making lots of great stuff. Your shot of the sun through the trees is magical!! 🙂

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