Coffee Date with Myself and Enjoying My Last Week of Being 32

Howdy doooo! 💜

Today I took myself to The Axis Coffee Bar ☕️, a beautiful café in Madera, CA! I’ve been here many times and absolutely love it. It’s right outside of Fresno and is surrounded by foothills and vineyards.

I parked outside the entrance long enough to snap a photo with my mini-tripod placed on the hood of my car, haha. I want to make it a point to use my little tripod more often when I’m out and about! 😄

THIS PLACE HAS THE BEST VIEWS. I love their patio furniture and there is even a water fountain where you can hear the water gently splashing during your stay. And how about the food… 😍

AMAZING! This is the blended mocha and an autumn sprinkled sugar cookie. ❤️

My birthday is approaching on Friday and I’m happy about that!! My plans are to eat some cake, get Indian food takeout, get my free Starbucks drink and open a couple of gifts from my mom and sister. I’ll be turning my favorite age (33), and I have no idea why that is my favorite age but I’ve always looked forward to turning 33. 💜

A few nights ago I went for an evening walk, but I went too late and missed the sun. Booooo. However, the bonus was that I took some great shots of street lights! (I love street lights).

See ya Friday for the birthday blog post!!

9 thoughts on “Coffee Date with Myself and Enjoying My Last Week of Being 32

  1. love the pictures! looks like you had a yummy sugar cookie.
    love the outfit.. its beautiful! And 33 is a good age 🙂
    I think my mom had me when she was 33 years old.
    Pretty pictures of the sunset sky and the streetlights!
    I love the little kitten shoes! very cute!
    Happy birthday beautiful ! 🙂

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  2. I love the patio furniture at the coffee bar too, especially the orange chairs! They’re a nice preview of the gorgeous orange, yellow, and green trees you show later. Of course, I love the sunset pics too. And your pink bow barrettes and floral ensemble! Your birthday plans sound lovely; I hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂

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