One for the Books; Wearing a Cool Apron

✨ Happy start of the new year! ✨

I love, love, love my new apron (a vintage find!), and it’s actually not a kitchen apron. It’s an accessory to an old USSR school uniform, in which a black apron was commonly worn over the standard brown dress. And now I styled it in my own fun way, with a floral pin from The Tote Trove! 😄

I reeeeally do love hunting for vintage items and giving them a new life!

I carefully planned out what I want to read for the year, and it caused me to go to Barnes & Noble for the first time since before the pandemic. I was soooooooooooo freaking excited to go!!!! I even took a picture of the store I was so happy, LOL. For me, knowledge is a girl’s best friend, so I love bookstores. 😎💕

My first read of the year – I know, I know, I’m pretty much obsessed with this man. 😍 I just really admire him.

I’m happy with my book line-up for this year!!! I want to learn about the early beginnings and formation of the United States, hence the three books on the right. 🇺🇸❤️ And of course, I needed a WWII book. 😋 Y’all just knew one would be a war book!

See ya next time!! 📚☕️

10 thoughts on “One for the Books; Wearing a Cool Apron

  1. Happy New Year. Hope it’s a good one for you. You look great as usual, love the boots on you. Citizen Soldiers is an excellent book. One of my favorites. One of my favorite parts in it is when they talk about the Christmas season of that year.

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    1. Happy New Year!!! Hope yours is a good one, too! 😄 Thank you!! I’m glad to hear you like the book, I’m excited to read it; I loved his other book, Band of Brothers, so I was certain I’d like this one. I’ll be looking out for the part about Christmas!


  2. When I first saw your apron, I thought the daisy was embroidered on it. And then I was like, wait a minute, I know that daisy! Thanks so much for wearing it; your outfit is adorable. 🙂 And I love that you scored yet another USSR fashion find! It makes for a great tie-in with your reading list. The pic of Barnes & Noble is really cool; the light against the sky looks kind of otherworldly, kind of Hollywood, and the palm trees really make it. I’m so glad that you got to visit one of your favorite places again, especially because, as you say, “knowledge is a girl’s best friend.” Happy reading!

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