I Finally Own Yarn Hair Ribbons and Now I Feel Like I Can Take on Anything in Life

Yarn hair ribbons…where do I even begin here? All I know is that I have been a fan of these super-cute retro hair accessories for as long as I can remember. They were actually kind of hard to find (I eventually found a pack on Amazon) because I specifically wanted thick ones, like back in the day. After some research, it seems they were most popular to wear during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Have I ever worn them myself? Nope – not until now, that is!! At last, it is my turn to wear these badges of retro honor.

A simple pack of bright yarn made me all kinds of happy; I’ll be wearing these incessantly, I’m betting. A new signature style for me, perhaps? I think yes!

So I’m bringing back yarn, and not for crafting, but for wearing proudly in my hair in all of its retro-quirky glory. Because I love to bring back old school things you’d see in a retro sitcom, like waving at my neighbors, smiling at strangers I pass by, and wearing hair yarn like I’m Cindy from The Brady Bunch. ❤️

Although, I’m like an extreme Cindy Brady with a creepy vibe who discovered heavy eye makeup and chokers.

I’m excited to wear all this brightly-colored yarn, honestly. I feel like it gives me superpowers (the superpower being confidence).

See ya next time!!!

14 thoughts on “I Finally Own Yarn Hair Ribbons and Now I Feel Like I Can Take on Anything in Life

  1. i know i am risking repeating myself but…i love it! totally fab idea and looks brilliant! you have a great sense of style quite similar to my second daughter, and my oldest as well when i think about it, ok as usual i just realised once again i got lost on wordpress and i have to get my son up for college..such is life 🙂 have a great day! respect

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  2. Ahhhhhhhh, I love, love, love this post! Yarn bows are the best! The yellow ones look gorgeous with your dark hair and plaid skirt, and the neon bagful promises possibilities! Also, there are so many hilarious — and inspiring! — lines in here, such as: “At last, it is my turn to wear these badges of retro honor.” I hope the actress who played Cindy Brady somehow finds this!!! 🙂

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