Saved By the Smell: My New Arabian Perfume and A Trip to Dunkin Donuts

For the longest time I’ve worn body spray, but the scent never lasted for very long, unfortunately. Recently, I decided to explore the world of perfumes; I knew I wanted a perfume oil, that was for sure. Years ago, I had a friend who was from Kuwait (she moved away awhile back), and one time I noticed the small perfume bottle she carried with her. She let me use a little and I could still smell it the next day!! I learned that it was a perfume oil she purchased in Dubai.

After Googling perfume oils from the Middle East, I stumbled upon the brand Swiss Arabian – the first perfume manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates! I had a sample kit sent to me and one in particular made me fall in love with it: Private Musk. Just the other day I received the full perfume in the mail; I looooooove the bottle and the box it came in! šŸ˜ The smell is: Saffron, Orange, Jasmine, Caramel, Candy Floss, White Amber & Oak Moss. šŸ’œ

I love to smell myself now… *sniff sniff* !

Meanwhile, I’m rockin’ my new overall dress!! I’ve wanted one of these for a long time and found this really nice one on Amazon. You can find the overalls here and the striped shirt here!

So!!! Dunkin Donuts has a new drink for Valentine’s Day called the šŸ’• Pink Velvet Signature Latte šŸ’•! Naturally, I had to try it and I drove 45 minutes out of town to Hanford with my sister just to try this drink and get a donut (Fresno doesn’t have a Dunkin Donuts). This drink was delicious and had a faint cherry-mocha taste to it, in my opinion (if anyone remembers the Cherry Mocha from Starbucks a few years ago)!

See ya next time!!! šŸ’˜

9 thoughts on “Saved By the Smell: My New Arabian Perfume and A Trip to Dunkin Donuts

  1. Ooo That’s sounds so nice! And I’m over here smelling like baked cookies with Bath & Body Works spray šŸ˜„ Your new perfume seems lovely, enjoy!

    And cute outfit! As always šŸ™‚

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  2. That’s so cool that your friend’s perfume turned out to be just the right one for you — and what an awesome title tie-in, LOL!!! The bottle is really pretty, and the scent sounds amazing, especially the part about the jasmine and candy floss. Your new overall dress is adorable!!! Paired with your rainbow striped top, choker, and butterfly clips, it gives off major ’70s-meets-’90s vibes. Finally, your Dunkin’ run sounds delightful and a fun way to spend time with your sister. A Cherry Mocha sounds very Valentiney indeed. Certainly worth the distance! šŸ™‚

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