Mid-Century Vibes: My New Backyard Flamingos

My backyard is complete with FLAMINGOS NOW!!!!! 💕 I have wanted some for a long time. I truly love my backyard, as it feels like a quirky little vacation spot for me to relax and enjoy nature!

My dress is from Jolly Vintage, and I did modify it by hemming it up shorter (it was originally past my knees). 💖

See ya next time!!

15 thoughts on “Mid-Century Vibes: My New Backyard Flamingos

  1. hiya gorgeous girl, you look fabulous as always, i love your wee yard! and it has given me the motivation needed to resume ‘operation empty the back garden’ which i started a week or two ago, the details escape me 🙂 but today i shall go out and refuse to come back in the house until my yard looks as pretty as yours, or at least tidy i will settle for it being tidy, have a super day ! respect

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      1. my garden is scary, hence my drafting in my four children, and the partners of the older ones, none of us have dared go out there for two weeks 🙂 today though i shall offer them bribes, i shall show them your pretty yard and then offer them much money to tackle the frightening wilderness, i should do before and after pictures 🙂 except it wouldn’t be fair to scare people with the before picture 🙂 just realised its night for you so have a lovely evening and a wonderful day tomorrow, i need coffee now…i have a garden to clean, that requires much coffee,,,

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  2. Ahhhhhhhhh, these flamingos!!! I love them so much!!! There was a house that had them near where I used to live, and I’d always admire them. Yours look absolutely perfect in your whimsical yard and set such a retro vibe — along with, of course, your fab dress and hair ribbons. May you and your new feathered friends enjoy many an outdoor adventure!!! 🙂

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