Samantha Goes Hawaiian and Finally Finds Her Creative Spark to Create New Jewelry

Weeeeeee! I finally felt inspired to make some new RINGS! 💕 I’m so happy. These I made for myself, but I’ll make more in the near future to put on Etsy!

I haven’t made jewelry in at least a year; I’m not sure why I stopped, but sometimes my creativity comes to a standstill and I simply just be for a while. I’ve learned not to be too hard on myself for it either; I figure, it’s okay to just wait for creative inspiration to bloom, whenever that may be!

But I’m back at it, and it made me feel GREAT! So excited to make new stuff again.

The bunny ring is actually a cupcake topper, and I added the roses and the rhinestone eyeball! Right in time for upcoming Easter. 💖

Lastly, here’s my Hawaiian-themed look for the day. Hearing that it’s going to be in the 70’s for awhile apparently had a tropical influence over me!!! 😉 Also, I couldn’t decide between either yarn bows or butterfly clips so I wore both. *cue party music* I feel like a mildly edgier version of Gidget.

See ya next time!! 🌺

12 thoughts on “Samantha Goes Hawaiian and Finally Finds Her Creative Spark to Create New Jewelry

  1. I love them!! And the outfit, too 😙 I just recently discovered that style of skirt (I think they’re called skater skirts?) and I love them. Very nice 🙂

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  2. I adore all of your new rings!!! I never would’ve guessed that the bunny is a cake topper! When you said you’d gone Hawaiian, I was totally expecting you to be wearing the dolphin one, but you mixed it up with the butterfly instead! It looks gorgeous with your tropical blue and orange outfit, just the right finishing touch for edgy Gidget!!!

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  3. beautiful! my fave is the butterfly one, fabulous to see you creating beautiful things again i favourited everything in your shop before, might have to revisit if you’re putting more gorgeous stuff on there, keep creating you make beauty and the world can always welcome more beauty, have a wonderful day my friend, respect

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