Four Days of Easter-rific Outfits

Easter is one of my favorite holidays!!! Happy Easter, folks! Honestly, it’s because of the pastel colors, Cadbury Eggs and hollow chocolate Easter bunnies. Yes, please! I also made sugar cookies, as you can see above!

This past week, I finally got my Etsy shop going again with new items! πŸ’• These are ring sets (in pairs of two). There’s the Rainbow Bright Set and the Pastel Dream Set. I’m super happy with how these turned out, and it feels great to be creating again. πŸ’•

All of the Easter accessories I wore with these outfits (except for my rings) are from my childhood. I’m so glad I saved all of this stuff, seriously! Wearing things from when I was a kid helps me stay in touch with my inner child now as an adult. (“Stay in touch with”… who am I kidding, I’m still a woman child. I have no shame in that either!!)

I had a lot of fun coming up with these Easter-themed outfits. For a twist, I wore my spike collar, just to add something a bit ironic to the whole cutesy mix! I like the dichotomy! πŸŒ·πŸ’œ For the orange and green ensemble, I was trying to look like A CARROT (note the carrot hair clips and necklace)!

Lastly, check out my new shoes from Dolls Kill!!! I love them sooooooooooo much!

Happy Easter to you!!! 🐰🌸

10 thoughts on “Four Days of Easter-rific Outfits

  1. That orange outfit is fantastic, and omg you have carrot hair clips 😍 All the outfits are super cute, though! I’m just drawn to oranges and reds because those are my fave ❀️ I hope you had a good Easter and take care! πŸ™‚

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  2. What an awesome Easter explosion!!! I love all of it, from your adorable and delicious-looking cookies to your new rings to your outfits incorporating your childhood Easter accessories and your ironic spiked choker! The dichotomy definitely works, as do your super cool kicks from Dolls Kill! I was so excited when you mentioned you bought them and love how they complement your too-cute daisy dress. Finally, as far as I’m concerned, being a “woman child” is the only way to be! I’m glad you had such a happy Easter!!! πŸ™‚

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