Band-Aid of Brothers: Brights vs. Pastels, the Battle

I’ve mentioned it before on my blog, but to any new readers, Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose is one of my favorite books ever!! I first read it in high school as a freshman. Growing up without any kind of father figure/male role model around, this book was gold in my eyes; here were these men who were courageous enough to voluntarily parachute out of airplanes and straight into combat zones in World War II. I was HOOKED. 

I carried the book in my backpack as a freshman in high school. My name’s written in it, as I wanted to ensure that in case I ever misplaced it at school, it’d find its way back to me in the lost-and-found. By now, the pages are yellowed and there’s a section where the spine of the book is a little cracked. But I’ll never replace it for a newer copy! It has too much sentimental value. 

No lie, I still use these guys as inspiration for my own personal endurance. Such as, breaking into my new platform Mary Jane’s. I know I know…that’s no comparison to stuff that happened in WWII!!! But hear me out first. I went for a long walk in my new shoes recently, and dang, I really blistered up my feet. The trek back to my car was tough, but I kept telling myself, Men parachuted out of airplanes while bullets were firing at them from the ground!!! Men stormed the beaches of Normandy, while met by a hail of gunfire! You can handle the pain! You can slap a band-aid on all your blisters when you get home! Go go go!

So yeah, true story folks…that’s how I trek through the little uncomfortable things…and HEY! I did a photoshoot for my book because it’s pretty. 💕

And now for the battle. Okay, it’s not really a battle at all, so I’m sorry for the huge letdown, but I wanted there to be a nice flow to my blog title. One day this week I wore a bright outfit, and another day, soft pastels! I really can’t choose between the two because I love both brights and pastels. They’re both cool in their own ways, ya know? 😎

Flower brooch by the one…the only…THE TOTE TROVE!

I wore these cat hair clips that I made myself with the pastel outfit (they are kind of hard to see in the photos). 💖 Both heart rings in this post are made by me and available in my Etsy shop!

Also, any of y’all remember BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE? That’s where my bear is from; I totally loved that show as a kid. Yep, I still sleep with the bear on my bed!

See ya next time!!! 🐱

6 thoughts on “Band-Aid of Brothers: Brights vs. Pastels, the Battle

  1. That book has been on my to-be-read list for quite some time! You just gave me the final push to check it out from the library 😉 They do digital Kindle loans, it’s great 🙂

    I’ve read books about various wars, and honestly, the bravery and courage of those men are truly an inspiration! For small challenges and for big challenges, we can definitely gather inspiration from them ❤️ That is so cool that you read Band of Brothers at such a young age!!

    And once again, cute outfits 😘 You are rocking that animal print!!

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  2. I think this may be my favorite post of yours ever (and not just because you featured my pin again, although thanks!)!!! I love the whole Band-aid of Brothers thing, from the title to how reading this book and others like it helps you through stuff. I can so relate to your experience with the blisters — not that exact thing, but having to endure something challenging and spurring yourself on by reminding yourself that others have climbed mountains before you. It’s very inspirational and reminds us that we’re not alone. Also, your new cat clips are beyond cute, as are your book shots and the Bear in the Big Blue House!!! I’ve never heard of him, but I love him!!! I can see why you two are still friends. 🙂

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