The Fab Jab: Deciding to Get my Fauci Ouchie

When my older sister originally made an appointment back in April for us to get our vaccine together, I backed out from fear. She went ahead and did it, while I sat on the idea of getting it over the last few months. I wasn’t anti-vaccine, I was simply vaccine hesitant, and quite honestly fearful of potential side effects.

Then on Monday, after a late-afternoon walk, I had a sudden feeling like, Okay, it’s time. Glancing down at the shirt I was wearing, I noticed it was capable of being pushed up for a shot in the arm. Check. Does Walgreen’s accept walk-in’s? I checked on my phone. Check.

And so I drove to Walgreen’s, ready to take on this big decision I’d been idling on for months now. The cold AC-air blasted me as I walked through the automatic sliding glass doors, and I wandered in, my platform Mary Jane’s clomping on the shiny floor as I made the walk to the pharmacy section in the back of the store. I stood, waiting for one of the pharmacist’s to come to the plexiglass window.

“Hello, can I help you?” the young man asked, decked in scrubs.

“Hi! I’m here to get the COVID vaccine,” I squeaked. Welp, there were the spoken words – no running out of the store in fear now.

And so began the filling-out of papers. Even though I felt nervous, the strangest feeling came over me that was much more powerful than the little fears tickling the back of my mind – and that was, complete peace and calm. Which was…odd. How did I feel so calm suddenly after being scared to do this for months?

Not to get all weird on you all, but I’m going to get all weird on you all. I felt like something** was keeping me calm…and I am not a calm person when it comes to needles and the unknown, believe me. But, my heart was not pounding in my chest, as I thought it would be. It was like a magic wand had been waved over me, and something was telling me, without literally saying it, that there was no reason to fear anymore. (**This same something is what’s made me feel like I’ve never really been alone in life. You can call it intuition, or a guardian angel, or the Holy Ghost, or a spirit guide, or the ghost of a dead squirrel following you throughout life, what have you…)

And so I did it!!!!!!! I’m not trying to influence anyone on this topic, the COVID vaccine is your own personal choice, I’m just sharing my experience! After I got the shot, I wandered around Walgreen’s for 15 minutes, as I was instructed to do, to make sure I didn’t have allergic reactions. So I tried to distract myself and not think about the fact I had just been injected with something, and honestly, I was quietly hoping I wouldn’t randomly die in the aisle. To distract myself, I looked at unicorn puzzles in the kids section and got myself a bottle of Propel berry water. I felt better already!

And for an update, I feel fine and it’s been several days now; I just had a sore arm for two days after! We shall see how the second shot goes on August 9. πŸ˜„

Beautiful Japanese Gardens at Woodward Park. ❀️ And guess who finally got a panda umbrella? πŸΌπŸ’•

See ya next time!!! πŸ’–

12 thoughts on “The Fab Jab: Deciding to Get my Fauci Ouchie

  1. First of all, the title just cracked me up. So hilarious. I’m glad you decided to get it, this Delta variant is no joke. Out of everyone I know, only my mom got a low grade fever after the second shot, and even then it only lasted a day. Now you can go out and about without fear of getting severely sick or worse. The world would be a lesser place if you weren’t in it.

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    1. Your comment made my day, wow, thank you so much!!! πŸ’– Thanks for sharing how it went with your mom for the second shot! I definitely will feel more relaxed while out and about, that’s for sure! Again, thank you for the kind words and I’m glad you got a laugh from the title! 😁


  2. I so enjoyed reading this! The details put me right in that Walgreens: “The cold AC-air blasted me as I walked through the automatic sliding glass doors, and I wandered in, my platform Mary Jane’s clomping on the shiny floor as I made the walk to the pharmacy section in the back of the store.” I know how scary getting the vaccine can be — I was nervous myself — but I’m so glad that you went for it. I also know what you mean about making a decision and feeling genuinely calm after endless stressing. Also, the part about some higher power (or “the ghost of a dead squirrel following you throughout life, what have you…”, LOL!!!) taking over to get you through isn’t weird at all. I think there are definitely times when we use up all our strength just deciding to do something scary, and then that power — or squirrel! — gets us across the finish line because we’ve made the decision that that’s where we want to go. Anyway, I’m so happy for you. Also, I absolutely love your new panda umbrella!!!

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  3. Hi Sammy πŸ™‚ nice pictures! Beautiful as always!
    Good luck with the second shot on august 9th..
    I feel the exact same way as you… but there is a dead squirrel that follows me around:)
    No vax for me!… seems like too low of a mortality rate for such fear driven pandemic.
    But I am VERY Glad you feel ok after the 1st one. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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  4. Well done πŸ’–πŸ’–may you live long and in good health. I am so happy that you felt accompanied and not alone, so wonderful to feel that support so that you can live through it without anxiety. πŸ’πŸŒΊπŸ’–

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