Against All Odds; My Long Lost Dress Returns

It was 2012 when I wore this coral dream of a dress from Forever 21. I thought it was a charming, cute little thing and I wore it several times that year, but ultimately, I ended up giving it to Goodwill because a) I was a fool and b) I didn’t like the loose fit at the waist (helloooo!!! That’s what belts are for!)

This was me in 2012 wearing it! And this was during a brief period in my early twenties when I actually dressed somewhat conservatively, compared to how I dress now. I was also 10 lbs heavier back then and my hair was FLAT (gasp)! This was during my years working at a law firm. I like to think that the weight I lost went straight to my hair instead.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m infinitely more happy in my thirties than I ever was in my twenties. I mean, good lord!!!! It’s incomparable! I was so negative and easily angered by things in my twenties. Once I got near my thirties and onward, I truly got to know myself and discovered what made me happy in life. And it turns out, what makes me happy is feeling peace towards everyone and everything around me, and most of all, peace within myself. And also drinking caffé mochas and reading “dad books” (did I mention my current read is about the history and functionality of submarines, written by Tom Clancy?)

Also, in addition to my pescetarian diet, I also made the majority of what I eat plant-based and I love to walk and use a stationary bike at home. I have more energy now than I ever have before and in general, I feel way happier in my thirties!

I scrounged through the depths of Poshmark to find this dress again. There was literally only one seller who had it in the size I needed! Fate brought us together again, and I’m much happier with my present day, more eccentric and energetic self putting it on again. ❤️

Choker + Belt from ROMWE // Bows made by me!

See ya next time!!! Have a happy weekend! 💗

7 thoughts on “Against All Odds; My Long Lost Dress Returns

  1. Wow, what a wonderful post!!!! I can’t believe that you used to work in a law firm and had flat hair! And that you were able to reclaim your “coral dream of a dress” (or at least its double) after all these years! It’s a beautiful dress, especially with your “eccentric” styling. I’m so glad that you got to know yourself and let go of the demons of your twenties. That’s such a hard time in life, so unsettled and full of others’ expectations. It was tough for me too, and I so agree with you that the thirties are better. Here’s to many more years of being truly you!!! 🙂

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