Halloween Weekend Fun; Making Bloodshot Eyeball Cookies and Trying My First Pan de Muerto

Happy Halloween weekend!!! Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. As for me, I’ve been very excited to celebrate Halloween by baking up a storm! ❤️

I love that the entire house smells of cookies…I made bloodshot eyeball sugar cookies that have become my go-to each year now for Halloween! I made them for myself, mom and sister.

But before I show that, here’s my favorite outfit as of lately!!! I just love how my new cross choker from Dollskill pairs so well with this simple black turtleneck! And also my other favorite outfit: a grey and brown ensemble with colorful bows. Something about that outfit made me feel like I should be on some after-school kids show in the 90’s, which I’m totally okay with. 👌🏼

Choker: Dollskill // Skirt: H&M // Bows: Claire’s
Shoes: Dollskill
Sweater: H&M // Suspenders: Amazon // Bows: Claires // Choker: Etsy
Shoes: BAIT Footwear

Remember not too long ago when I took an AncestryDNA test and found out I’m over a quarter Mexican and never knew it? Well, I decided to get a taste of Mexican culture and got a Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead)!!! It’s a type of pan dulce traditionally baked in Mexico during the weeks leading up to Day of the Dead, I learned. I found them in bulk at Vallarta, a Mexican supermarket!

So here is a photo of the Pan de Muerto, which I look forward to trying tomorrow, and my homemade sugar cookies. Wishing you all a great Halloween filled with candy and sweets! 💖

See ya next time!!! Happy Halloween. ❤️

6 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend Fun; Making Bloodshot Eyeball Cookies and Trying My First Pan de Muerto

  1. First of all, very cute outfits. I love that you’re still rocking the shorts. Plus the chocker as well. The Pan de Muerto looks so good and the cookies you made look amazing and delicious. Maybe one year you’ll go all out with a sugar skull face. Hope you have a very happy Halloween. 🎃

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  2. What a wonderful Halloween!!! Dolls Kill strikes again with another killer choker! I love how your pastel bows contrast with your tan corduroy shortalls. Way to keep those ’90s vibes going! Also, the color scheme reminds me of candy, which is perfect for Halloween. As for Pan de Muerto, I’ve heard of Day of the Dead, but never Bread of the Dead — and I love it, especially because it rhymes!!! That’s so cool that you found a bunch at the Mexican grocery store to celebrate your newfound heritage. I’m sure your mom and sister will enjoy them with your delicious-looking cookies. Finally, your scarecrow wreath is super cute and endearing. I especially love its smile and felt hat!!! 🙂

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