Enjoying These November Days

This outfit I wore yesterday totally put a smile on my face, and not solely because I wore a smiley face pin with it – but that did add to it, hahaha!!! The color combos were fun, in my opinion. Bright pink and muted green…something about it, I just LOVED! ❤️

Smiley pin + beaded ring: childhood // Rose rings: made by me
Blouse: SHEIN // Suspender Shorts: SHEIN
Blouse: SHEIN // Suspenders: Amazon // Butterfly clips: Target // Bow: Made by me
Shoes: Dollskill

I went to a place called The Healthy Fix (next door to one of the regular Starbucks’ I go to) and their Mint Chocolate Chip shake is sooooooooo good (and healthy, too!) Their little lounge in the back is awesome, to boot!

See ya next time!!! 💖

6 thoughts on “Enjoying These November Days

  1. You look so cool in that first outfit. Love the color combinations, plus the shoes. Leave it you to rock the corduroy and make it work as well. The sticker on the cup gave me a good laugh cause I’m a simple, simple man. Lol. I’m also enjoying November, glad you are too, especially since you enjoy Summer time the most.

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  2. What an adorable collection of accessories!!! Your rose rings are so pretty, and I love that you’ve had the beaded ring and smiley face pin since you were a kid. The big pink hair scarf is super cool too and a nice complement to your green and black outfit. The Healthy Fix sounds like a great find. Who wouldn’t want a good-for-you mint chocolate chip shake?! And the lounge does indeed look cute; I love that your new cat bag made it into the picture!!! 🙂

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