Dancing With Myself: I Bought a Billy Idol Album

The true question here is: why’d I wait so long?!?! I’ve wanted a Billy Idol album for a while now, and I finally took the plunge and pushed that Amazon Prime order button a few days ago. Dancing With Myself is that one song that has ALWAYS put a big fat smile on my face, every time. It’s one of those songs that reminds me that no matter what, everything in life will be just fine! The other song of his that is my favorite is Rebel Yell, and I think having recently read a blog post over at The Tote Trove, who mentioned that song, was the final push that made me go and order his greatest hits.

I just can’t get enough.

I love 80’s music, so it’s an easy album to jam to when I’m on the road – I also didn’t realize how much I love the song Eyes Without a Face! I can mentally pretend I’m in the 80’s while I have this playing, and that’s a good thing. I often hear many stories about life in the eighties from my mom and sister, who vow it was their favorite era. My sister graduated from high school in 1985, so I’ve always enjoyed hearing stories from her youth about this time period.

“In the eighties, it was an ‘anything goes’ attitude towards fashion,” my sister has said many times. Well, dang. Sounds like the perfect fashion mentality to me! That attitude may not be in fashion nowadays, but ‘anything goes’ will always be in fashion for me.

πŸ’– I styled these khaki suspenders in two different ways: the first outfit in neutral color tones and the second, with brown and coral accents!! Coral is seriously one of my favorite colors and I feel it pairs so well with browns and beiges. I was feeling the color and even painted my nails an orange-red!

Turtleneck: SHEIN // Suspenders: SHEIN // Bow: made by me
Ring: made by me
Shoes: Dolls Kill
Barbie ring: made by me // Butterfly clips: Target little girl’s hair accessories // Choker: ROMWE // Blouse: SHEIN

I felt really good in these outfits, and Billy Idol’s Greatest Hits also had me feeling pretty dang good to boot! In conclusion, the album will be on replay for quite awhile in my car. πŸ˜‰

Upon seeing that I purchased this album, my mom informed me that she and my sister attended a Billy Idol concert in the eighties.

“He was so dreamy,” my mom recalled, fondly. And I agree!

See ya next time!! πŸ’—

7 thoughts on “Dancing With Myself: I Bought a Billy Idol Album

  1. Ahhhhhhh!!! I’m so glad that you got that Billy Idol CD; if my post had anything at all to do with it, then I’m honored. I love ’80s music too; my favorite Idol song is Cradle of Love. I love how you added yourself to the pic with the ’80s shapes and Billy’s angry face!!! It’s hilarious. That’s so cool that your mom and sister got to see him in concert — and that they got to experience anything goes ’80s fashion firsthand! (Awesome styling with your new khaki shortalls, by the way; the Barbie ring is the best touch!) That sounds pretty dreamy to me!:)

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  2. Billy Idol honestly saved my life. And taught me non-conformity. I was at rock (no pun intended) bottom and I randomly thought about Billy Idol. I don’t know why, just popped into my head. I opened Spotify and saw White Wedding, which I knew of already, then listened to one particular song – I fell straight in love with Eyes Without A Face. So much that I bought a bass guitar and picked up bass again. After about 9 years.
    He influenced me to just do the damn thing.
    Every album is perfect. Billy Idol (1982), Rebel Yell, Whiplash Smile, Charmed Life, Devil’s Playground, Cyberpunk, Kings & Queens of the Underground, The Roadside, Happy Holidays just everything else that he’s ever sung and made. Steve Stevens is a whole legend, and the producers. ✊🏽

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    1. Wow!!! This was awesome to read; thanks so much for sharing such a touching story! It’s amazing how moving music can be. How cool that you picked up bass again after hearing that song!! Thanks for referencing other albums of his I hadn’t heard about, too. πŸ’—

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      1. Thank you! I love finding fellow Idol lovers πŸ’— It sure is. You’re most welcome. I highly recommend Charmed Life, such a groovy vibe. And just everything else to be honest!

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