Pretty in Blues: Poppin’ the Hood & Getting My Hands Dirty (kind of)

Tights: Amazon // Shoes: Dolls Kill

Who would’ve thought these blue tights would be one of my favorites? It’s not a color I own in my wardrobe until now! These royal blue tights I knew would go well with my cherub top. It was instantly what I went to when trying to decide what to wear with the tights!

The second outfit was more of a pale blue!

Bow: SHEIN // Choker: Etsy
Overalls: SHEIN // Top: I forgot // Big bow: SHEIN // Little bows: Dollar Tree
Ring: Made by me // Choker: ROMWE

In other news, I recently started reading this book that I’ve been wanting to read for a while now: Fighter Wing by Tom Clancy! As you can naturally see, it is about jets. But more specifically, the chapter I’m on is all about Desert Storm – yesssss! It was the first war of my lifetime (the Gulf War) and there is surprisingly not a whole lot of books out there about it. So I’m thankful for some perspective on the matter, included in this book which came out in 1995. ❤️

Lastly, for a little automotive fun! Believe it or not, the majority of social media management I do for work is for auto shops (two automotive, the others auto body repair shops). I’ve actually learned a lot over the past 3 years of having this work-from-home career, especially in regards to auto care stuff. So now I try to practice what I preach in terms of content creation for the auto shops I manage; therefore, I try to follow some tips on my own car!

I’m definitely no auto expert by any means, but I do like to pop the hood every now and then and check out how my belts and hoses are looking!! I learned that you can check them yourself, looking for signs of fraying or cracks on the belts and feeling the hoses (they should feel firm but still pliable – feeling “mushy” is a sign it should probably be changed out).

Of course, do all this when the car has been off for a long while so everything is COOL!

Anyway, there you have it, Sam’s auto shop feature of the day, LOL!!! 😂 Also, as proof that I got my hands (kind of) dirty, you can see grease on my thumb in the photo. 👍🏼

But now I type this with clean hands, from the comfort of a Starbucks table – hot mocha in hand. ☕️💕 See you next time!!!

6 thoughts on “Pretty in Blues: Poppin’ the Hood & Getting My Hands Dirty (kind of)

  1. You look great in both outfits, but I’m absolutely loving the one with the blue tights!!! The mix of their royal blue with the navy cord skirt, dreamy angel top, and ice blue bow are so beautiful, not to mention a fresh kind of wintry! And that’s so interesting that you manage the social media for auto shops. Then again, it makes sense given your own sporty ride. 🙂 Anyway, it’s cool that you’ve picked up some car tips. I’ve certainly never popped a hood! Way to be self sufficient and rock a greasy thumb in style!!! 🙂

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