Purple Skies & Purple Gloves

This week, my brother sent me these photos via text message of the sky, I think it was Monday morning. Can you believe the purple color?!? It was apparently around 6 AM, and I get up between 6-6:30 AM, but unfortunately I didn’t see it for myself. I’m glad he sent me these, or else I wouldn’t have believed it! I have no idea what would have caused such a color. This time of year, we have a lot of fog that hangs around, so who knows what those fog clouds were up to.

It inspired me to wear my purple gloves this week. 💜

Gloves: Childhood // Cardigan: belonged to my mom // Skirt: belonged to my mom (I’m seeing a theme here?)
Bow: Childhood // Butterfly clips: Target // Choker: Dolls Kill
Choker: Dolls Kill
Cardigan: Target // Dress: belonged to my mom // Turtleneck: SHEIN // Bow: SHEIN

See ya next time!! 💜

4 thoughts on “Purple Skies & Purple Gloves

  1. I love how the cardigan and skirt belonged to your mother, but you made them into your own. You definitely have a great sense of style. That’s great that your gloves are from your childhood. I don’t even fit in anything from when I was in highschool. Lol. Hope you’re doing good. It sure seems like you are.

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  2. What a killer purple sky!!! That’s so cool that your brother sent you this pic. And that it inspired you to wear your old school purple gloves and matching hair accessories! Magic gloves are the best, aren’t they? I love how they come in every color and always fit! Also, your snowman stakes are so cute, and your purple hearts are the perfect post sendoff. Here’s to more cool cold-weather looks and a happy holiday season!!! 🙂

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