I’ve No Idea What’s Going On With These Outfits But That’s Why I Love Them So Much?

This outfit is SO RANDOM. But that’s like…why I really like it! Let’s take a look:

Turtleneck: belonged to my mom // Overalls: SHEIN // Harness Belt: ROMWE
Shoes: Dolls Kill
Bow: SHEIN // Gloves: gift // Clips: Target

The words “kawaii goth” are all that comes to mind when I overview this outfit. You know what I mean??? A mix of kawaii hair accessories with an unexpected goth twist with the harness belt – and over khaki overalls, no less!!! The overalls make it somehow awkward, but I totally love awkwardness in general, especially in fashion.

But fashion doesn’t have to make sense, ya know. In fact, my favorite kind of fashion is the kind where you mix different styles into one glorious chaos. And I feel like this look really nailed that!

Here’s the purple version of the outfit, with black overalls instead, a purple turtleneck and same harness belt (and my umbrella because it was raining):

Turtleneck: belonged to my mom // Overalls: SHEIN // Bow: Childhood // Clips: Target
Umbrella: Mercari

I was so happy to find out that one of the Dutch Brothers in my area had their lobby open to sit down at! I came here last Saturday night for a beverage. Their little tree in the front was so beautiful! Dutch Brothers is a coffee chain unlike any other; they usually have music bumping from speakers (more often than not, it’s 90’s music!) and lots of bright blue neon décor.

As the Christmas season draws closer to an end, I soak up the ambiance of lights and decorations the best I can. As long as I enjoyed Christmas lights and seasonal coffee drinks, then I feel confident that I soaked in the holiday season successfully! 🎄❤️

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!!! ✨🎅🏼✨

6 thoughts on “I’ve No Idea What’s Going On With These Outfits But That’s Why I Love Them So Much?

  1. Random fashion is the best fashion!!! Both looks are fierce; the second one is especially bold with your black harness belt against your purple sweater. You look fab, very kawaii goth indeed! I’ve never heard of the Dutch Brothers chain, but it looks amazing. Festive décor and wintry blue lights and ’90s music? Sounds marvy to me!!! 🙂

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