Winter Blues: Colors, Not Emotions, That Is

Blue is a color I typically don’t wear very often. However, when my mom gave me this fabulous sweater she used to wear in the ’80s, I was ecstatic!!! That royal blue! πŸ˜πŸ’™

Thus, I decided to embrace blue a bit more – winter blues. But in the sense of color, not emotions. For one thing, my emotional range typically varies between happy/really happy/hyper and happy/totally calm. Besides, I could never feel blue in these outfits!

Romper: H & M
Bow: made by me // Choker: Etsy // Clips: Sally Beauty Supply
Shoes: Dolls Kill
Bow: SHEIN // Clips: Target // Overalls: SHEIN // Turtleneck: belonged to my mom
Ring: made by me // Choker: Etsy
Shoes: Dolls Kill

I’ve wanted denim blue overall shorts for so long, and my first try was a pair I got off SHEIN that were too small, so I couldn’t wear them. I tried again with a totally different pair, and these bad boys were a little too big, so I safety pinned the loose part in front and I don’t even care if it looks weird because I looooove them!!! Finally I own a pair! ❀️

January is one of those months that, after the holiday season, seems very peacefully quiet – like a fresh new page that’s been turned (not like my holiday season was busy or anything; that too, was peaceful and quiet!).

Still, January feels different, and in a very easygoing way that I can appreciate. I actually don’t make resolutions or goals, besides to just enjoy life day-by-day, which means to continue doing what makes me happy (being productive in my work-from-home career, read good books, wear fun outfits, have fun blogging, and enjoy good coffee). And I can’t ask for anything more than thaaaat!!! πŸ’–

Here’s to a happy (and peaceful) start of the new year to you! ✨

6 thoughts on “Winter Blues: Colors, Not Emotions, That Is

  1. Where do you live? It looks nice and warm where you are. Im so jealous – it’s super cold and dark here. Most days we hardly get sunshine and weather is brutal. I’m emotionally blue, especially during the winter months 😭 Your outfit looks perfect for spring weather. Love your sweater!

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    1. I live in central California!! It’s been in the 50’s lately, although I do wear skin tone tights and nylons over each other. I admit though my wardrobe is made for spring and summer (I only own skirts and shorts, no pants)! I’m sorry that the weather is brutal where you’re at and that you’re blue – hopefully it warms up eventually! Spring will probably be here before we know it. πŸ’–

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  2. I love royal blue, and you look amazing in it!!! I especially like how you put your mom’s sweater (you can tell that it’s authentically ’80s!) over the romper in the first outfit and how you modified the romper in the second outfit. Very creative! We got a lot of snow here at the Jersey shore on Monday, and I ended up putting on a blue outfit for a photo op. It was pretty, but only because 1) I didn’t have to drive in it and 2) because I changed right back into my sweats. Anyway, I know what you mean about January being a peaceful time. And I don’t make resolutions either. I don’t like them because they imply that there’s something wrong with us that has to be fixed, which is negative energy that no one needs. That said, here’s to another year of awesome outfits, riveting reads, and of, course, coffee!!! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much!!!! I look forward to seeing the photo op of your blue outfit! I’m sure it is nice not having to drive in snow, haha! I totally agree about the resolutions – I feel the same way. Here’s to another awesome year!


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