Outfits, Coffee and Cars: My Three Favorite Things

I just loved this adorable handwritten note on top of my iced mocha I ordered at Starbucks the other day!! πŸ’• It really is nice to unexpectedly see a message written on the cup, which happens every once in a great while. πŸ’–

It’s been a nice, quiet month. Here are my favorite outfits from lately!!

Harness Belt: ROMWE // Blazer: belonged to my mom // Bow: SHEIN
Gloves: Spirit Halloween
Turtleneck: belonged to my mom // Overalls: Amazon // Shoes: Dolls Kill
THE LONG BROWN THING IN THE TREE IS NOT A MASSIVE HORNET’S NEST, IT’S A ‘BIRD CONDO’. I’d rather not have it up, but my mom and I both own the house so, gotta share our dΓ©cor preferences. LOL!
Sweater: belonged to my mom // Turtleneck: belonged to my mom // Choker: Etsy
Bow: SHEIN // Clips: Target
Shorts: SHEIN // Shoes: Dolls Kill

BLOOPER PICS NOW. The first one, I backed into the screen door and for some reason I found this amusing, as you can tell. The second photo is mid-stride as I approach my camera to quit filming (I use video to get screenshots of distant outfit photos).

And last but not least!!!! Today, I went for coffee with a good friend of mine, and after we enjoyed coffee and conversation, I couldn’t resist this photo op of our cars parked side-by-side! (Mine’s the Challenger):

Freaking SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ”₯ I am in love with this photo. 😍

See ya next time!!! ❀️

6 thoughts on “Outfits, Coffee and Cars: My Three Favorite Things

  1. Your first outfit is one of my favorites ever!!! I think it’s the Spirit Halloween gloves that make it! But then, I also love the look where you’re backing into the screen door. You look like you’re having the best time! Finally, the pic of you and your friend’s red rides side by side is car calendar perfect. I especially like the glimpse of terra cotta roof. So California!!! πŸ™‚

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