Strawberry Lemonade Checkers Look + Sailor Sam?

There is something I just totally love with this first outfit; the yellow and pink accessories remind me of strawberry lemonade? Or something cute like that! The cross adds a gothic touch. AND THE CHECKERED PRINT SKIRT!!! It all comes together in a fun way.

The second thing I am so happy with in this post, is that I took some time to really work with the setup of how I take photos. It really can be difficult finding something to sit my mini-tripod on, being my own photographer and all! Close range photos are a cinch; it’s the distant range photos that are troublesome. I always sit the tripod on the hood of my parked car and snap a full-length outfit photo, but I was growing very tired of the door backdrop, which looked a bit washed out on camera.

After some trial and error placing my tripod on random things in the backyard, I figured out that setting it on a chair was PERFECT!!! I’m just so happy I found a way to snap full-length outfits much better now. 😊

Choker: Dolls Kill // Ring: Made by me
Shoes: Dolls Kill
Bow: Made by me // Clips: Amazon // Top: SHEIN
Skirt: Forever 21

Lastly, here’s my SAILOR LOOK of the day!!! I have always loved the look of a sailor uniform, and I made it my own in a super girly way with my favorite hot pink lace bow and star choker. This is my all-time favorite outfit – feels magical wearing it! πŸ’–

Shoes: Dolls Kill
Bow: Made by me // Neckerchief: SHEIN
Top: H & M // Shorts: SHEIN
Choker + Ring: Etsy

Bro. I can’t emphasize how awesome I feel in this sailor outfit. I looooooooove it so much!!!!!! Isn’t it amazing – the power of an outfit, and how it makes us feel? πŸ’•

See ya next time!!!

13 thoughts on “Strawberry Lemonade Checkers Look + Sailor Sam?

  1. They are both lovely outfits. I need to make the time to take nice photos of myself… I think I have a bad image of myself being of the crazy photos I take of myself… Not usually flattering πŸ™ˆ

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  2. Love both of your outfits. Especially the sailor one. They’re both girly and dare I say sexy at the same time. I think we can all tell how happy you are with how it turned out in your pics. Your super hero name is now Sailor Sam. Lol.

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  3. First, I’ve always thought it’s amazing how you’re able to take these pictures yourself! I’m consistently impressed; the few times I’ve tried without the husband’s help, it’s been a disaster. So, I didn’t think you had any improvements to make but totally get the feeling of accomplishment that comes with figuring out something new. Anyway, today’s pics look awesome as always! I’m definitely getting strawberry lemonade vibes from the first one (super cute skirt, by the way), and the second one is an excellent nod to your love of the military and putting your own spin on things. The bow really makes it; I can see why you feel magical wearing it! πŸ™‚

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