Easter Week Outfit Part I

I figured I’d have two Easter-inspired looks for this week, but I’m breaking them into two parts. Wooooo!!!

Today’s outfit makes me feel like a duck. Which is cool, because I actually had to stop at a duck crossing in the middle of the road while driving to Starbucks, along with several other cars, as a duck and her little ducklings crossed! It was the cutest thing ever and I’m glad I got to see it. 💛

This blue stuffed bunny is going to make another appearance in the part II outfit. And check out this PAPER EASTER BASKET:

Dress: Amazon // Shoes: Dolls Kill
Top: H&M // Bow: Dollar Tree // Clips: SHEIN

The paper Easter basket actually came from my sister. She went to Target, and apparently Target is being super generous and fun and gave away paper easter baskets and egg decorations for free??? Anyhow, my sister gave me the paper basket and I’m obsessed. It’s perfect because it stands perfectly upright stiffly, with such a cute design!

Lastly, here is my Easter tree!!! Isn’t it cute? I’m a big Easter fan, as you can tell! See you again in a few days with the second Easter outfit. 💖

6 thoughts on “Easter Week Outfit Part I

  1. Your Easter decorations are absolutely adorable and so kawaii-tastic!!! That’s so cool that Target was giving out those cute paper baskets. And I love your story about the duckling crossing — especially the part about you wearing duck colors! Your Easter sounds like it’s off to an egg-cellent start. 🙂

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