Blue Ain’t Yo Color: Maybe Not, But I’m Wearing It Anyway!

I’ve always felt hesitant to wear blue, because as someone with a warm skin tone, I worry that it contrasts with the cool tone of blue. But borrowing this blue sweater from my mom was just the chance I took and I like it!!!

Typically, warm colors like orange, coral, pink, etc. look best on me. But!!!! Even though blue may not necessarily be my “best” color, sometimes you just gotta take a chance, am I right???

Now for some FRUIT SOCKS!

SOCKS: Christmas gift // Shoes: Dolls Kill
Ring: Forever 21

I love these fruit socks. AND all the blue going on. Also, my bow kind of looks like lemons, which go with the socks! πŸ‹πŸ’•

Are there certain colors you’re hesitant to wear? Do you wear them anyway?!


8 thoughts on “Blue Ain’t Yo Color: Maybe Not, But I’m Wearing It Anyway!

  1. I think that you look beautiful in blue! But then, I’ve never subscribed to that weird seasonal color theory. I like how your sweater drapes like a dress, especially with the belt. And your big ring and fruit socks are so, so cute! Keep wearing all the colors that make you feel “cool”! πŸ™‚

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