Flooded with Joy: An Old Makeup Bag Becomes a Clutch

When I woke up today at my usual 6 AM time, I slowly rose to a new day, only to find my bathroom sink had a cracked pipe that had ruptured and water had flooded onto the floor. HAPPY TUESDAAAAAAAY!!!!!

Soaking up water with towels, I then began throwing out things that had been long deserted underneath the sink cabinet. I really had no excuse as to why I’d kept anything under there, so I was then forced to toss out old things. But alas!!!!! Way in the back, soaked in water like everything else, was an old makeup bag I’d bought at Claire’s at least 5+ years ago, and I’d totally forgotten about it. I’d stopped using it once I downsized my purse and it wouldn’t fit.

So, thank you, flood. And luckily, the leaky pipe problem was resolved today after having our resident handyman who lives in our complex come down and reinstall a new pipe! But without you flood, I wouldn’t have found this old makeup bag, which now serves as a clutch purse! πŸ’— If that’s not a silver lining, then I don’t know what is.

I am flooded with joy because I have this gorgeous “new” clutch purse!!! It reminds me of Lisa Frank. I’m ready for approaching summer (my favorite season) and strutting my tropical shorts from SHEIN! β˜€οΈβ€οΈ

(Note the blue/purple rug hanging over the fence. It was drying out, having been soaked!)

7 thoughts on “Flooded with Joy: An Old Makeup Bag Becomes a Clutch

  1. Let’s hear it for happy accidents! Your “new” clutch is adorable and so tropical with your super cute SHEIN shorts! And of course I enjoyed the flood wordplay! Finally, I was relieved to hear that your pipes were fixed. All’s well that ends well. πŸ™‚

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