Minnie Mouse, a Unicorn, & Hello Kitty: Summer’s Here and the Gang’s All Here

I love summer for a ton of reasons, but there’s one thing that always stands out to me about this time of year: stepping outside my place and hearing the hum of people’s air conditioners on their roofs. I love that sound, and it’s kind of the chorus of summertime for me. ❤️ Ironically, I don’t have AC in my unit. It broke a long time ago, and that’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive to fix if you ask me!!! But I get by just fine during the summer by using a fan and simply opening the backyard door to let air in. Plus, it saves a lot on the ol’ utility bill. Heat doesn’t bother me; COLD DOES. And that’s why I love love love summer!

Those flower hair clips shown above are my favorites, and are very summery, in my opinion. I have them in practically every color now, so I color coordinate them in my hair, daily!

Now, for my two favorite summer outfits as of lately! Consisting of Minnie Mouse, a unicorn and Hello Kitty. 😎☀️

Minnie Bag: had since childhood
T-shirt: Cat & Jack, Target, Little Girl’s Section
Socks: SHEIN / Shoes: Lamoda, Dolls Kill
Bag: Thrifted, Goodwill
T-shirt: SHEIN
Shoes: Lamoda, Dolls Kill

See ya next time!! 💓

6 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse, a Unicorn, & Hello Kitty: Summer’s Here and the Gang’s All Here

  1. As soon as I saw this post title, I knew it would have great stuff in store, and I was right! I’ve never seen anything like your southwestern Minnie bag, and I absolutely love it! That’s so cool that you’ve had it since you were a kid. And speaking of kids’ stuff, your Cat and Jack unicorn tee is adorable. The Cat and Jack line is so fun, and I totally get scoring some of it as an adult (I have a skirt). The combo of your cherry socks and pink T-straps is really striking, too; SHEIN and Dolls Kill does it again. Finally, summer is my favorite season too. Your neighbors’ AC signaling its start is indeed a happy sound. Not that you need AC, though; I didn’t used to have it either and would definitely rather be hot than cold. Here’s to a summer of fun and fab fashion!!! 🙂

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