Ride Into the Danger Zone: Top Gun Fun

Jets? Adrenaline? Humorous military banter? Military stuff, in general? I definitely felt the NEED to see this movie!!! 😎

I’ve seen the original Top Gun, which of course is a military classic. Its sequel had been delayed in theaters for I think two years now, and after seeing it, it was definitely worth the wait! ❀️

This movie was epic. EPIC!!!!!!! I don’t even have the words to form a better description than that?

Maverick (Tom Cruise) is back and he’s ready to show these young pilots at Top Gun that he’s still got it. And he does. He’s sharp as a tac, fit as a fiddle, and he’s grown as a person; Maverick is still sure of himself like in the original, but with more life experience now. With that, he comes off as more maturely confident, which I liked and it added a lot of depth to his character. He’s seen a thing or two, ya know?

If you enjoyed the original Top Gun, you will enjoy this one because it perfectly ties into it and has many many nods to the first film.

There’s a scene at a beach bar where we’re introduced to the young Top Gun pilots who have been called on a very significant mission. They’re playing pool and sipping beers, and the pilots zero in on a particular pilot who comes off as a bit shy – Bob. The second I saw him on the screen, my eyes nearly flew out of my head at the speed of light and turned into beating red hearts, my gaze fixating on this glasses-wearing, adorable human being that made my heart melt immediately. Who on earth is this guy?!?!

Of course I’d pick the nerdy one of the bunch. That’s no surprise! But I kept thinking, this guy’s adorable face is very familiar. Why does he remind me of a young Bill Pullman? Probably because, as I later found out via Google (yeah, you knew I’d Google him) that Bill Pullman is his dad – this actor is Lewis Pullman. Mind, blown!

Let’s just have a Bob appreciation moment for an extra sec and I don’t care if I’m coming off as creepy because that seems to be what I do best anyway:

K. Anyway, I really enjoyed this film!!!!! It was action packed, it literally had my nerves in a bunch from the intensity, it was fun and was very moving to boot. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lastly, here’s my outfit!! The stripes on the heart kind of make me think of military stripes, fittingly enough. πŸ’–

Top: Cat & Jack, Target
Socks: SHEIN

See ya!! πŸ’–

5 thoughts on “Ride Into the Danger Zone: Top Gun Fun

  1. What a fun movie review! I love the puns and your enthusiasm, and yes, Bob does look like dad Bill! I too get a kick out of watching TV shows and movies and trying to make those celebrity connections, as in, hmm, I’ve seen this person somewhere, let me just figure out where that somewhere was . . . These days, iMDB and, yes, Google make it so easy to find those all-important answers right away. Your new Cat & Jack tee is super cute, especially with the unicorn socks. And the military stripe tie-in is aces! πŸ™‚

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  2. hiya gorgeous girl glad to see you still post, and as always you look amazing, sorry my friend i took a time out but returning slowly and looking forward to doing some catching up on your posts, afraid top gun not really my thing but did recently watch interstellar an old movie but a great movie and definitely worth the re-watching, stay being fabulous my friend, wishing you much success, respect

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