Sassy Shoes and Floral Hues

Isn’t this purse darling??? Wouldn’t you know, it’s several decades old, and I made some minor modifications after my mom gave me it. Firstly, I removed the straps so it can live a new life as a clutch. Secondly, I glued on the sparkly pink heart charms. Cuteness!!!

And next, we have a shot of two bracelets I wore today. The hot pink and blue one was a special customized bracelet my sister made for me; she’s great at making bracelets, and she gladly made one for me. Shoutout to my unicorn for modeling them:

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Dolls Kill

My outfit today felt sassy!!! With chunky shoes and a floral dress, I was loving it. ❤️

4 thoughts on “Sassy Shoes and Floral Hues

  1. What a wonderful title! And I absolutely love what you did with your mom’s vintage bag. The sparkly hearts add a whole new dimension to the colorful buttons. That’s so cool that your sister made you a custom bracelet; your unicorn is the perfect model for it. Finally, your outfit is beautiful. I heart its Valentine vibes. I was on SHEIN recently and thought, hey, I know that bow! 🙂

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