Return to Rare Earth Coffee Roastery and Two Outfits!

My last blog post from a few weeks ago mentioned that I went here with my sister; we returned to Rare Earth Coffee Roastery on this hot summer’s day today! ☀️🔥

Set in a warehouse, it felt quite cool with an industrial-sized fan going in the background. With the open doors, it also let in the breeze, creating the perfect environment to sit and enjoy some good ol’ coffee and soak up the atmosphere.

I had the blended mocha drink, which was flavorful and rich! They also had a Spotify music playlist going, which created a fun ambiance. All in all, I love this place and my sister and I make a point to come here on a semi-regular basis!

Also, I am so happy with my new cherub top from SHEIN. I have it in bright blue too, which I purchased last year. This black one though, I really love, because it makes the cupids pop even more so! The rose top is also from SHEIN, and that’s the outfit I wore to the roastery. 😺

Bows with dangle charms: SHEIN // Cat ears: Amazon
Shoes: Lamoda, Dolls Kill
Shoes: Demonia, Dolls Kill
Butterfly clips: SHEIN

The rose outfit was completely unplanned; originally, I was going to wear a different bow with it and a different skirt, but I changed my mind and ended up with this look, which I actually really liked! I couldn’t figure out which bow and clips I wanted to wear, so I just started putting stuff on my head until I liked what I saw. Aaaaaand you get this silky orange/brown bow with butterfly clips!!! 😀


14 thoughts on “Return to Rare Earth Coffee Roastery and Two Outfits!

  1. The Rare Earth Coffee Roastery looks like such a fun place! Not to mention nice and airy. I’m glad you and your sister had a good time. Also, cute new SHEIN tops! I agree that the cupids really pop. And I like what you said about going rogue with your second outfit, “putting stuff on my (your) head until I (you) liked what I (you) saw.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that experience. Here’s to discovering your next unexpected masterpiece! 🙂

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      1. Have you tried the frappes from MCDs? The ones in the states are way better than what we get in Canada, and I prefer them over Starbucks. The chocolate chip frappe is my fave and I’d insist on getting one whenever we’re in the US.

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      2. We don’t have the mocha one or the chocolate chip one here (my fave). We have 2 flavors: original (plain) and chai. Chai is actually really good BUT we don’t get whipped cream. And whipped cream is the best part! 😭

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      3. We also don’t have Orbit gum or Wrigley’s Sweet Watermelon gum which is my all-time favourite. We also don’t have Aldi and everything is more expensive here. No Target either, it lasted maybe 2ish years in Canada but they didn’t carry the same stuff and ppl were less than happy about it.

        On the bright side, we have Nestle chocolate bars which are pretty good (Smarties chocolate, Aero, coffee crisp, Canadian KitKat which tastes better than American KitKat imo). I’m not really a fan of Hershey chocolate so it’s nice to have Nestle as our leading brand for chocolate bars. We also import a lot of candy from England so we have things like Cadbury chocolate which I’m grateful for.

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      4. Wow, I had no idea there was no Target in Canada!!! Or the other items you mentioned. Nestle chocolate bars – now that is cool! I am a huge fan of Cadbury eggs when Easter rolls around! It is so fascinating to learn that some countries have certain things while others do not. This has been enlightening, so thanks for sharing!

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      5. I don’t get why Canada has to have different stuff. Why can’t they standardize it so we get the same things? We’re not that much different than the US, are we? BUT we do get ketchup chips in Canada so I guess that makes up for it….

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      6. It would be way more efficient if chain businesses had standard products offered across the board! Especially U.S. and Canada. I had to Google ketchup chips – I’ve never heard of them! So cool!

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      7. Ketchup chips are amazing and I highly recommend trying them if you get a chance to visit Canada, or you could try ordering some from Amazon. Lays are always good. Even Cheetos (dunno the brand, Frito Lay I think?) has a line of Ketchup flavored, maple-leaf shaped cheetos (only in Canada) that were surprisingly delicious too. We polished off the bag in one sitting!

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