It’s the Pits; Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Anti-perspirant my FOOT!!!!

I mean this blog post title quite literally too, as you’ll come to find out!

If sweat grosses you out, then sorry in advance, and I never claimed to be elegant and/or graceful. But I figure, why not just be honest about the things I face in daily life? 

So the other day, I headed into one of my favorite coffee shops. I go to coffee shops, and get out in general, about 3 times a week, just to get out of the house (I work from home). This day, I was wearing a light grey shirt made out of cotton, which I’d found stuffed in a drawer and hadn’t worn in ages. I thought, hey, it’s cotton and it’s 103 degrees today – that’ll be nice and cool! Pairing it with a matching light grey skirt, I felt comfortable and confident (comfortable, that’s all good and well, feeling confident however – BIG mistake). 

In this cotton grey shirt (not featured in this post), while sitting inside the coffee shop, I didn’t realize until I got home later that I had two BIG, dark sweat stains under my arm pits. Nice!!!!!!!!! 

It’s weird, because I have a very high heat tolerance, but I sweat easily. Go figure? In general, I’m a very naturally moisturized person. Anytime I see ads for dry skin, I’m awestruck, wondering what it must be like to have dry skin. I’m the oiliest person I’ve ever known, and apparently, the sweatiest. (Also, it doesn’t matter what kind of deodorant I use – none of it controls sweat. I’ve tried many!).

Going to coffee shops, I have plenty of moments to people watch. I’m often captivated by the women who seem to effortlessly have everything together – not a hair out of place, not a beam of sweat to be found and graceful as a swan, turning the heads of every straight male in the vicinity. Who are these creatures and where do they come from? I often wonder how some women are like this, while here I am, like an uncoordinated bull in a china shop who sweats like a big, nervous mafia dude. I wonder this, often… 

So, the lesson here??? Chalk it up to an embarrassing moment, and try not to sweat the small stuff. (That mentality is literally the ONLY thing that keeps me from feeling depressed about all the awkward moments I’ve had in my life!) 

Oh, and I learned that cotton is not my friend. I guess I’ll just stick to the usual suspects in my closet – polyester and rayon – because even if you sweat in those fabrics, you likely won’t see it because the fabric is thicker (and less breathable, so you might smell…pick your poison!) Yaaaaaaay! Outfit time:

Fun fact: Ghost pepper is the only thing I’ve ever successfully been able to grow. I put it in my quesadillas! ❤️

Smell ya later!!! 💓

7 thoughts on “It’s the Pits; Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

  1. Okay, when I saw this post title, I knew it’d be a particularly great read — and I was right! I loved learning about your pit-stained coffee run. It was hilarious, relatable, and poignant all at once. I work from home too and rarely bother with deodorant unless I’m leaving the house. And sometimes I catch a whiff of myself and am like, wow. Anyway, the part about you wondering how some women are so pulled together is my favorite. When you fess up to feeling like “an uncoordinated bull in a china shop who sweats like a big, nervous mafia dude,” it’s so honest and funny and real. We all feel like that sometimes, but it’s comforting to hear it from someone else because it’s a reminder that no one — not even the swans! — has got it all figured out. So here’s to keeping it real and raw — and wearing polyester! 🙂

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  2. Samantha! Again your choice of words makes me laugh out loud: and I have always respected your honesty in your blogs: Your description of your predicament is so witty and worth lots of LOL’s. I knew you had a high tolerance to heat living where you do (much higher than mine), while a low tolerance to cold (60 degrees is a heat wave here btw). But let me add I’ve always seen you as “graceful”. And if you don’t like the word “elegant”, let me just say you are one classy dame Samantha! Personally, I love naturally moisturized people 🙂

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  3. Lol. I’m exactly the same way as you. Any sort of physical activity and I start to sweat profusely. Even in the winter time when I’m putting Christmas stuff up. Glad I’m not the only one who looks sweaty and greasy while I’m out and about. I would say that this is the most that I’ve related to you. Besides our love of military books and Smashing Pumpkins. Lol

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