Making My Bedroom More Magical With Butterfly Decorations!

I’ve had these beautiful, glittery butterfly hair clips from SHEIN for a few months now, and I realized I hadn’t been wearing them as much as I originally thought I would. I tend to wear smaller butterfly hair clips way more regularly, but I wasn’t about to just let these beauties sit around in my bathroom, collecting dust. So, I decided to take them into my bedroom and turn them into decorations!

I feel like your bedroom should really be a place where you feel relaxed and peaceful, and this definitely does it for me! 🦋

I’m really happy with how it looks!!! It just adds that extra something that makes me smile any time I walk into my bedroom now. Oh oh, and those pink floral cutouts on my table are COASTERS! I love using them and they make for excellent table decorations.

See ya next time!!! 💖

4 thoughts on “Making My Bedroom More Magical With Butterfly Decorations!

  1. Your bedroom looks beautiful! I noticed the cutout flowers right away but never would’ve guessed they were coasters. They really add that ’70s vibe! And the butterflies are, yes, magical. I remember when you first got them from SHEIN and somebody commented that you could use them to decorate houseplants. I like what you said about not letting them collect dust. Now you get to see them — and all of your other whimsical décor — every day! Enjoy. 🙂

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